My Microphone Recommendations

rockthecast | Feb 16, 2017

I don’t get too techy very often on this blog because I’m all about the relationships and valuable content in podcasting. The type of microphone you use does not make or break your show. But I know many of you who follow my blog would appreciate knowing my recommendations so here goes…


Let’s start with microphones. The kind of mic you use will depend on the space in which you record. If the acoustics of your room stinks; you have hard wood floors, a lot of empty space, perhaps co workers near by, do not buy a condenser microphone. A lot of the top podcasts use condenser microphones, like the Blue Yeti and the problem is it picks up a ton of background noise. If you’re using the Blue Yeti and aren’t thrilled with the sound, jump over and use my first recommendation: the ATR 2100. You can use this mic with a mixer or plug it in via USB. I’ve used this mic in the past, and Heather Havenwood uses this mic on her show, The Win.

My podcast, The Podcast Producers is sponsored by Shure Microphones. I recommend the Shure MVL Lavalier microphone for videos that you record on your iPhone. The sound is amazing – even with a ton of wind outside like in this video!

The Shure MV51 is a great condenser microphone that is good for in person interviews. It’s also great for people who aren’t used to speaking into a mic because you don’t have to be right in front of it; with Dynamic microphones, like the ATR 2100, you should speak into the mic about 2 inches from it.

If you want some more techy info, check out this blog post! micro-1494436_1920

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