How to Market Your Podcast & Grow an Audience

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In this episode of Rhodes to Success we cover how to grow your podcast audience. If you implement all the ideas in this episode, and don’t give up after a few months, you will definitely see your audience grow. During this episode, we discuss online and offline marketing, as well as networking. 

Key Lessons Learned:

Online Marketing

Good Website

  • Your website must have podcast show notes and links.
  • If your website is bad, people won’t stick around.
  • A fancy website and iTunes reviews can make your show look bigger than it is.

Social Media

  • Be consistently marketing your show on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Meet Edgar

  • This is a social media scheduling tool that is $50 per month.
  • Upload your content and set how often you want your posts shared on social media.
  • Other options are Buffer and Hootsuite.
  • Know that posts you create manually will get more views.

Graphic Design Tools

  • Canva
  • Pic Monkey
  • Relay That
  • Unsplash (stock photos)

Virtual Assistant

  • VAs can be used to do the following busy work:
    • Write your tweets, posts, blog posts
    • Create graphics
    • Upload to the scheduling platform
    • Monitor engagement

Facebook Groups

  • Create one for your podcast.
  • Interact and engage in groups as a member.
  • When you join a new group, it’s important to read the rules.
  • The She Podcasts group is good for female podcasters.

Promote to Your Email List

  • This is an action people often forget.
  • Test and experiment with your email list.
  • Regardless of how often you email, you must stay consistent.
  • Email open rates are typically 5-10%.


  • iTunes
  • Stitcher Radio
  • Google Play
  • I Heart Radio
  • YouTube
  • Sound Cloud

Networking & Relationships

Go on Other Podcasts

  • Choose podcasts in your niche as a guest.

Interview your listeners, clients, and peers.

  • Celebrities on your podcast is not the secret to success.

Be Bold

  • Be vulnerable and say things people aren’t saying.
  • People share shows that move them and stand out.


Meet Edgar

Hoot Suite



Relay That

Unsplash stock photos

Biz Women Rock

Course on Facebook Groups

Biz Chix

Podcast Junkies

The Coaching Jungle

She Podcasts

The Lady Gang

Profit Boss Radio

The Traffic and Leads Podcast

Dear Mattie Show

Get booked on other podcasts as a guest

Glenn the Geek interview

Live Webinar: 

Text ‘rock’ 72000

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What steps can you take to grow your podcast audience? Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz #RockThePodcast

What online marketing strategies can you use to grow your audience? Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz #RockThePodcast

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