Getting Booked and Knowing Your Hook

I am Jessica Rhodes, and I am here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. Today, more than every before, podcasters are being pitched a lot. A lot of entrepreneurs and experts want to be on podcasts being interviewed about their story, their area of expertise. It brings them more exposure and it helps grow everyone’s businesses when people connect for podcast interviews but because so many people are wanting to be on podcasts, there’s a very high demand for being a guest expert. There are a lot of guest experts out there. There’s a lot of competition, rather, for being a guest on podcasts. You need to know your hook. You need to know what sets you apart from every other expert out there. Is it something about your story? Is it the fact that … We had one client who was a divorce attorney, and now he has a relationship podcast. That’s super interesting. How can you go from divorcing people to helping people with their relationships? There’s a hook and a unique angle for somebody who is talking about relationships.

You can also have a Inc. 500 company or maybe you have a seven figure business and you’re a woman, you know, a lot of seven figure businesses are male owned, maybe you’re a millennial who owns a six figure business. All of these are hooks and unique angles that set you apart from everyone else out there. If you need help figuring out what that hook is, and you need helping getting booked for podcast interviews, go to, that’s what my team and I can help you do, we can get you booked and if you want to listen to my podcast, go to JessicaRhodes.Biz and you can subscribe in iTunes. ] I’m Jessica Rhodes here to help you rock the podcasts from both sides of the mic.

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