Why Your Company Should Start Podcasting

I’m Jessica Rhodes. I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both both sides of the mic. I want to tell you a couple reasons why you should start a podcast for your business. Somebody actually messaged me and was asking what would be the benefits of her company that she works for to start a podcast.

There are so many different reasons. I’m not going to list out a whole laundry list of reasons why podcasting is amazing because I love it, but the big reasons why businesses should have podcast is because this is a form of content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy where you are putting out valuable information that your target audience wants to learn about.

Let’s say for example, Tide. Okay. Let’s just take a big brand, Tide. They do laundry detergent. If they put out content, blogs, podcast, videos about cleaning your clothes, and how to do house work, those are tips and information that their customers would get value from. Since it’s coming from Tide, those listeners are more likely to want to buy their laundry detergent when they need it.

Whatever your business is, you want to put out information that your target audience would need to know about. I’m constantly producing videos, podcast, and blogs that have to do with podcasting, getting booked as a guest expert, how to host a podcast, how to be a great host because I know this is information that my target audience wants. When they’re ready to be a guest expert and they’re ready to invest in building up their show and being a guest on podcast, Interview Connections would be the choice that they’d think of because they’ve been consuming my content.

Why should you start a podcast? Because it’s content marketing and content marketing works.

I’m Jessica Rhodes. I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mike. If you want to listen to my podcast, check out jessicarhodes.biz and to work with us at Interview Connections, we’ll get you booked as a guest expert, we can help you get guest for your podcast. Go to interviewconnections.com. Thanks so much. Have a great week and we’ll talk to you next Tuesday.