Unique Relationship Challenges for Entrepreneurs with Susie Miller

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Far too often, marriages and families suffer in the pursuit of business, profit, and growth. On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Susie Miller, who is the better relationship coach, author, speaker, and dedicated to helping create better relationships in 30 days or less. Susie equips high-potential entrepreneurs and executives with ways to reduce stress, improve communication, and not bankrupt relationships in the pursuit of profit and success. Susie is also the bestselling author of Listen, Learn, Love, and during this episode discusses the concept of the entrespouse, relationships and business, the 5 Love Languages, and the Profit Method.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What is an ‘entrespouse’?
  • What unique challenges do entrepreneurs face in their relationships?
  • Talk about The Profit Method.


Key Lessons Learned:


  • This is someone who is married and also has a business.
  • As an entrepreneur, you have two loves: the husband or wife and the business.
  • We tell our spouses to ‘wait’ and that we will get to them, which puts them on the backburner and wrecks marriages.
  • When you spend time investing in anything other than your business, your business will suffer because it doesn’t have you 24/7.
  • If you are working to grow a strong marriage, you can’t be 24/7 in your business.


Relationships & Business

  • The biggest key is to invest in your marriage before the crisis hits.
  • When we are having relationship issues at home, we are distracted, burdened, and aren’t firing on all cylinders.
  • If the marriage ends, the business will be impacted by the separation of assets.
  • Having a better relationship frees up energy and creativity, so you have more of yourself present in your business.
  • Susie is on a crusade to have relationships talked about at business conferences because better relationships increase a businesses bottom line.


Entrespouse Communication

  • The level of unpredictability for entrepreneurs wreaks havoc on relationships.
  • We get so busy trying to stay on top of things that we forget to have discussions about it with our spouse.
  • If you don’t have conversations, then far too much gets assumed, which is where the problems start.
  • Entrepreneurs have a different mindset, so it’s important to develop a common language to enable spousal discussion with your non-entrepreneur mate.


The 5 Love Languages

  • If you want to know your spouse’s love language, just watch how they give you love.
  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Physical touch
  3. Acts of service
  4. Quality time
  5. Gifts


The Profit Method

  • Priorities – Make time in your schedule.
  • Rekindle – Don’t live like roommates.
  • Open Up – Don’t let things build up.
  • Focus – When you are with your spouse or family be 100% with them.
  • Intentional Interactions – This isn’t quantity time. This is developing a strategy for engagement and interaction.
    • This could be putting in a reminder to pick up flowers or send a text.
    • In the midst of life, it’s the touch points of communication that keep us going.
  • Tactical – Strategic and preemptive things to help your relationship grown.



  • As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what other people think, do, and say.


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