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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, Jessica Rhodes interviews Susie Miller who is an author, speaker, and known internationally as the Better Relationship Coach. Susie’s goal is to help you create better relationships in thirty days or less, even if you are the only one making the effort. For more than twenty years Susie has helped people reduce stress, improve communication, increase intimacy, and have better relationships with each other, themselves, and God. Susie believes relationships are the currency of today and is the author of Listen, Learn, Love. During the show Susie discusses communication in relationships, business, and as an entrepreneur.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What are the ‘how-to’ steps of being open in your communication with staff?
  • Why did you decide to write your book, Listen, Learn and Love?
  • Why are you focusing on people in business when you are talking about relationships?
  • Talk about the Listen, Learn, Love skills.


Key Lessons Learned:

You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home is in shambles- Zig Ziglar.


Inner Circle Communication

  • Everyone needs an inner circle who they can be their raw, real selves with. This will give you a sense of security.
  • Different people will always fulfill communication needs roles.
  • Your spouse isn’t necessary the person you tell everything to.
  • Your husband is not your best girlfriend.


Staff Communication

  • Set up expectations from the beginning of how management communication will be delivered.
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable and give people permission to ask the hard questions and give feedback.
  • Employees often don’t feel free to give feedback on communication when there is an issue. A great question to ask your staff is, “What are you not telling me?”
  • Communication is difficult as it’s not just the words but also the tone and non- verbal expression.



  • Every relationship can get better quickly.
  • Relationships are what cause us to get up in the morning.
  • Our schedule is based around the people in our lives, so if those relationships are going well, then most of our lives go better.
  • When relationships are successful, every aspect of your life gets better.



  • You can be in massive action or start up mode and think of your relationships as a ‘drip’ campaign.
  • Set up an intentional action plan to foster relationships that will produce great rewards.
  • Entrepreneurs often feel they are in massive action with their business and don’t have any time for their relationships.
  • There aren’t a lot of people talking about how to be successful in relationships while you are growing a business. It’s either business advice or relationship advice but not both.


Listen, Learn, Love



  • We don’t often listen but are actually busy thinking about our response or hoping that the other person will finish sharing.
  • When you listen to people, make sure you clarify and validate what they are saying.



  • Know people and go on a treasure hunt to discover their dreams, struggles, and quirks. This will help you connect more deeply.



  • What does it mean to love well?
  • It’s more about the short-term sacrifice for the long-term game.
  • To love well is to put the other person first.


The music in today’s episode was written by The Danger Os and produced by Nick Palmer. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/thedangerosmakemusic 


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Listen, Learn, Love (book)

Susie Miller


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