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5 Free Ways to Market and Promote Your Podcast

A lot goes into podcasting; from coming up with an idea for an episode, booking the guests, preparing for the interview, editing the recording, writing the show notes, designing the graphics, posting to your host and website…. And then after all that, if you want anyone to listen, you have to market it!

Here are a few ways you can market your podcast for free!

1. Create lots of Click to Tweet links to make it easy for your guests and listeners to use to share the show on Twitter.

2. Think about people you know personally who you think would get value from a specific episode then email or private message them and ask them to listen. Tell them why you thought they’d like it and if they like it, ask if they’ll share it.

3. Write a blog about a related topic and in the call to action at the end of the post, call your readers to listen to the podcast.

4. Film short teaser videos for your podcast episodes. Post the video to Facebook or Twitter directly (don’t link to a YouTube video).

5. Get interviewed as a guest on other podcasts. In the close when the host asks how listeners can connect with you, plug your podcast.

How do you promote your podcast? Do you have more free or cheap ways to suggest?