Learn to Love LinkedIn with Josh Turner


On this episode of Rhodes to Success, Jessica Rhodes interviews Josh Turner who is the founder of Linked Selling, a B2B marketing firm specializing in fully outsourced LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Josh’s company represents clients, such as Neil Patel and Microsoft, and also operates Linked University, which is an online training program for LinkedIn marketing. During the show, Jessica and Josh discuss how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile, how frequently you should update your feed, and the do’s and don’ts of connecting.


Main Questions Asked:

  • How did LinkedIn become your main platform and area of expertise?
  • Tell me about LinkedIn ads.
  • How is LinkedIn different to Facebook, and how should you be interacting with people?
  • In order to send someone an Inbox message on LinkedIn, do you have to have a mutual connection?
  • Is there a feature on LinkedIn that shows you mutual contacts?
  • What types of things should you post on LinkedIn updates, how often, and is it a running feed?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts on setting up and maintaining a LinkedIn profile?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • It depends on your business as to whether LinkedIn ads are great or not.
  • LinkedIn ads or a sponsored update will see a higher cost per click.
  • Click cost isn’t what matters. It is about the cost for a lead and cost for a sale.
  • For a campaign that is working well on LinkedIn, you can expect to see $6-10 per lead for a webinar opt-in or free report.


LinkedIn vs. Facebook

  • LinkedIn is more professional and used for business.
  • It’s the template stock scripts inbox emails that give LinkedIn a bad name.
  • If you take the time to develop the relationship first, then the success increases.
  • People spend more time on Facebook than they do on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn’s data says that 40% of its users check in at least once a day.


What Works on LinkedIn

  • Make messages personal and informal so that the receiver feels as though you only sent the message to them.
  • Be personal and avoid talking in marketing speak.
  • Before you earn to right to send someone a message you have to get his or her attention first.
  • Stay top of mind in a way that provides value, and position yourself as a resource and authority in the market.


Connecting on LinkedIn

  • Free LinkedIn accounts grant you access to people within a certain degree of you.
  • Higher-level premium accounts allow you to find anyone on LinkedIn and message them.
  • Another way to message someone is to contact them through a common group.
  • A frequent mistake people make is not including a personal message when sending a connection request.
  • If you include a personal message when asking someone to connect with you, then 50-75% will say yes.
  • Using ‘shared connections’ is a great way to prospect, as you can leverage common connections you have.


LinkedIn Updates

  • This is a running feed, so you should post content daily in order to stand out.
  • People will get quickly turned off if your content focuses on your own business, so be sure to also include curated content.
  • Share a balanced mix of resources in order to become a trusted authority.


LinkedIn Profile

  • Focus on making a solid profile so that when you get views it entices people to take the next step.
  • Structure your profile headline or summary section with a call to action.


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