The Power of Testimonials

rockthecast | Sep 17, 2014

As you’re building your business, growing your podcast audience, or your web tv presence, testimonials are something you need to be getting and using in your marketing and on your website.

Most clients will not hand them to you on a silver plater; you have to ask for them. The best time to ask a client for a testimonial is after they give you a compliment or tell you how happy they are with you and your services.

As a podcast host, you can ask guests for testimonials after a successful interview and you can use those when requesting interviews with big guests!

Video testimonials are great and what I do is film them myself at live events. Recently, at Podcast Movement I saw a lot of happy clients so I brought my camera and asked them to take 2 minutes to record a testimonial for me!

Michael Stelzner, CEO of Social Media Examiner worked with me and Interview Connections for his parenting podcast, Parenting Adventures and he was thrilled with the guests we booked! It was an honor to have Michael film a testimonial for Interview Connections:

Additionally, Jaime Tardy from Eventual Millionaire, while not a paying client is someone who I’ve partnered with several times when booking interviews on her show and booking her on my client’s show. I was grateful to have her film a testimonial for us!

Your podcast could be the best thing since sliced bread! But if you’re not asking your listeners and guests to provide you with their testimonials, no one will know about it!

Start getting testimonials for your business and your show today so you can grow faster!

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