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Behind Every Great Guest…

Is a great host!

You know that saying “Behind every great man is a great woman”? While I hate that saying because it’s pretty sexist, it helped me come up with the answer to the question “What makes a great guest?”

Behind every great guest is a great host!

Great podcast guests will:

  1. be easy to work with
  2. provide a ton of valuable content
  3. listen to the podcast before recording their interview
  4. make the host look good
  5. be generous in promoting the interview

All 5 of those things are great and podcasters will appreciate guests who do all of those things. That being said, the most important thing a guest needs to be GREAT is….

a great host!

I have been interviewed hundreds of times over the years and to this day, when I feel like my ‘performance’ on a podcast isn’t great, it is usually because the host was not a great interviewer. If you, as a podcast host, feel like your guests aren’t great, look at your own interviewing skills and see how you can improve. I’m telling you, a really good interviewer can make even the worst guest sound good.

David Ralph, host of Join Up Dots is a terrific example. He has high energy and he doesn’t restrict himself to a show flow. To learn how to be a better interviewer, listen to my interview with him here! As someone reading my blog, I understand you may night like listening to podcasts. That’s okay. I have great show notes so visit the post and learn his tips!