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The Power of Positivity


There is one key thing all podcasters need to find success.  No, it’s not a $2,000 microphone or a huge celebrity guest.  It’s certainly not becoming “#1 in New and Noteworthy!”  The key to success in podcasting and life in general is positivity.

The brain can only hold one type of thought at a time, a positive thought or a negative thought. More and more I am seeing people choose the negative.  Why is it that when someone posts an update on Facebook that asks people to post their  “biggest pet peeve” they’ll get HUNDREDS of responses?  Why do that??  Why inspire a conversation of negativity?

I often see podcasters taking to social media to “rant” about a bad guest, a bad host, a bad experience.  While we all need a trusted circle of advisors to air our frustrations, stop and think before you vent about a negative experience to the world.  Rather than posting a laundry list of the wrongdoings of a fellow podcaster, try rephrasing your experience in a way that others can learn from it.  “Today, I had a guest show up totally unprepared. They obviously knew nothing about me or my show and contributed absolutely NO actionable content!!”  Instead of ending that with, “What a jerk!  I hope they get their act together,” try reframing it. “I learned my lesson.  I definitely need to put a one-sheet together for my show, so I can communicate my expectations to my guests well before the interview.”

We’re all going to have bad experiences, but having a pity party on social media is not only NOT helpful to anyone, it makes you look petty and difficult to work with.  Don’t get a reputation for being negative! You don’t need other people patting you on the back saying, “Oh, poor you!”  You need to rise above difficulty and show that you are a resilient and positive person, in your business and in life.  A positive person is magnetic, and people will want to work with you when they see positivity.

So I challenge you, take one week without complaining. I’m not just talking about complaining about your podcast or your business.  Quit cold turkey and don’t complain about ANYTHING for an entire week.  See how the power of positivity changes your world.

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