The Value of Your Story with Tim James

Jess and Margy are the co-owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness. On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess speaks with Interview Connections client Tim James to discuss the value of your story!



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After suffering from multiple health issues, including chronic acid indigestion and surgery to remove one of his organs due to serious digestive issues, Tim James knew something had to change. Tim took action after watching his closest ones die of cancer and the untimely death of his younger brother. His journey led him to a shocking discovery that helped his friend beat cancer and transform every area of his life. 

Feeling charged with a duty to help others he started sharing his knowledge with anyone that would listen. This led him to produce his own chemical-free food products. Chemical Free Body was born. Tim’s inbox is constantly flooded with people singing and dancing about how his products have given them a life they couldn’t believe was possible. His story will have you laughing, crying, and gasping but most importantly he will give you the recipe to a longer, happier, and healthier life!

Since Tim owns a product-based business, Jessica asked him why he chose podcasting to promote his business and increase his visibility. With products, many other entrepreneurs will choose more direct advertising. However, Tim knows the incredible value of sharing your story.

“Why are you passionate about going on interviews to tell your story and educate the market?”

Tim had been selling mostly over the phone. He built his business over the phone, but then the Covid pandemic shut everything down. Tim didn’t really have any tech skills and had previously invested money with the wrong people. But, Tim had been invited on some podcasts. Every time he went on a podcast, he saw that some sales would trickle in, however, Tim never really put a lot of thought into podcasts. He decided to call up a friend to get on some podcasts. He guested on three shows and did an enormous amount of sales. Tim thought, “This could save me.”  Within a few months of podcast guesting, Tim tripled his sales, proving the power that comes with sharing your story.

Once Tim began working with us here at Interview Connections, he created half a million dollars in sales.

Tim loves podcast guesting because he gets to do what he does best: tell his unfiltered story and educate people. Podcast guesting is simplifying the business for Tim, so he feels like he is getting his life back while still expanding his business! 

For Tim, podcast guesting is a no brainer. As a guest, you just get to show up on someone else’s podcast, who has put in all this work to establish trust and build an audience. Tim explains that it’s like getting in front of a stadium of people and having their attention for an hour. It’s a fantastic organic marketing strategy –no ads necessary– and it’s just your unfiltered story doing the selling for you. He also points out that these podcast hosts need good content! They need good guests or they don’t have a show.

If you’ve got a story (and really, don’t we all?) Tim recommends that you get really good at telling your story. When Tim really started focusing on podcast guesting, he doubled his business.

Jessica asks Tim to expand on what kind of shows are giving him those amazing results. Since podcast guesting was uncharted water for Tim, he tried to get on as many different types of shows as he could. Tim also tracks sales from podcast interviews by giving out a unique discount code on episodes and tracking the use of that code. This would allow Tim to see exactly what podcasts were creating momentum for him.

Tim is interested in reaching audiences that he can relate to and offer solutions to. These audiences excised in a variety of shows, so Tim went on a large number of different shows! Tim tracked his results and had a clear understanding of his client avatar, which was incredibly valuable for his podcast guesting strategy.

Tim understands who wants and needs his product, and understands his ideal client’s mindset.

Maybe you’re thinking about doing a show, and you have a great message but you are scared about how you are going to share it. Tim explains that if that is the case, you’re really getting in your own way. A friend of Tim’s paid $25,000 for a coaching program, and the first piece of advice the coach gave was to go live every single day. 

A lot of people would respond, “I don’t have my message yet, it’s not perfect!” Tim explains that the first 45-75 lives are not for the audience, they are for you to find your message and to refine your message! You will find your message and you will start getting comfortable sharing it.

The best way to hone your message is to start going live, hire a booking agency to get you on podcasts, and just go on the shows. You don’t have to be an ad expert, and you don’t have to know how to build a website. Instead, you just have to have a message and a way to connect with those people who resonate with your message. You just have to be really good at telling your story!

If you’re saying, “I really want to do this, but I’m not ready. I don’t have my message right.” Tim argues that you just have to start!

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