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Where to find great guests for your podcast


One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of having a podcast is coming up with great content. To help solve this problem, many podcasters choose to interview guests on their show so they don’t need to personally come up with new and fresh content every episode. But where do you find guests? And most importantly, how do you find GREAT guests!?

Here are 5 places to find great guests for your podcast:

  1. Your personal network: ask friends, colleagues and other podcasters whom they know of who would fit your guest criteria.
  1. Search a topic and look to see who has written a book about the subject matter. Sort by publication date because authors who are in launch mode want to get interviewed.
  1. Other podcasts: iTunes, Stitcher Radio and dozens of various podcat networks will have episodes you can listen to with great interviews. Find a guest you like and check the show notes for their contact info.
  1. Twitter: search a keyword that relates to your show and find users who have that in their profile.
  1. Ask your guests for referrals: after you record an interview, ask your interviewee if they know anyone who would also be a good match and request an email intro.

Building strong relationships in your community is key to finding great guests! The larger and more engaged your community is, the easier it will be to find and decide who you want to interview for your podcast. To learn how to ask someone to be on your podcast, watch this video at InterviewConnections.TV!

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