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The Damage Limiting Beliefs Cause If We Don’t Overcome: Jean Atman

Jess and Margy are the co-owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess sat down with Interview Connections client Jean Atman to discuss clearing limiting beliefs!

Jean is a Soul Evolution Coach and Energy Medicine Specialist and is a leading expert on breaking free of negative life experiences – for good. She is well known in her industry as the go-to girl for helping people heal from toxic relationships and past traumas so that they can live a life filled with potential and ease. 

She has assisted over 20,000 people up-level their lives in her 21-year professional career and remains fiercely dedicated to that cause. Jean believes everyone can live a life of their dreams, and she thoroughly enjoys helping them tap into that potential! 

Who Has Limiting Beliefs? (Most People)

What sets people apart? What makes certain people so successful? 

And the answer is that it all comes down to their beliefs. 

We subscribe to these beliefs long before we know that we subscribe to them. Many of our beliefs are tucked away and hidden in our subconscious minds. 

People with challenges and struggles in life can always find some limiting beliefs that prevent them from living a life full of ease. 

Jean explains that limiting beliefs create an obstacle that says, “You don’t deserve this. This won’t work for you.” 

There’s some underlying cause of that. But what is so cool about it is that when we can see those things, we can choose something different for ourselves. Once we unearth those limiting beliefs, we can easily unpack them and create an improved way of living!

Optimizing How You Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

When you think about your beliefs or thoughts, it evokes an emotion. How you feel creates your energy body. 

People have trouble moving through their old belief systems because it’s part of their energy. 

Once people clear that energy body, they don’t struggle with changing. Thoughts create emotions, and emotions create energy. Once you clear that, you have a path to choose more easily for yourself!

But energy and beliefs can seem so abstract. 

The first step to solving this is recognizing that you’re not in the place that you want to be. 

If you are in a state of suffering, worrying, etc., you’re working through a limiting belief. Awareness of this and the wisdom that it doesn’t have to be is extremely important. When you know it, you can see it and start to unpack it. Awareness is key.

Your Most Powerful Tool

Intention is a powerful assistant for us. 

We’re suffering, and we don’t want to anymore, so we choose not to. So you need to start to feel what you would prefer to feel instead. 

We tend to find evidence of why things can’t work. We get caught up in the hows, whys, and what-ifs. That stops forward movement. If we can stunt our over-excessive thinking, we can feel into what feels right and true to us. 

We have ease, and we have abundance. We have everything we need already within us. 

The only thing that keeps us from those things is believing that we don’t have them. So silence the lies and limitations and feel into what you want to be feeling. This will change your energy and change your vibration. 

If you’re vibrating at a place of fear and worry, then you’re cultivating and creating more of that in your life experience. So if you can stunt that and think, “I’m going to choose not to feel that way,” you will see the results you want to see.

We can change our thoughts and our feelings instantaneously. The outcome might take a little time, but if we have patience knowing that we changed our thoughts and emotions, the rest is coming. So we just need to be patient and wait to see the results of that.

Where Most People Go Wrong 

Changing thoughts is easier said than done. Unfortunately, an old version of us always tries to pull us back into the fear and lack mentality.

The secret is tapping into what we want.

We need to get clear on where we want to go. Fear ignites the nervous system, and we stay contracted. 

Meditation is an effective tool to combat this. It allows you to get into your inner world. If you can understand what’s happening inside yourself, you can make the positive changes that will lead you to success. 

Change has to happen within. So the more you understand yourself and what’s going on inside, the easier you can make a change. 

How To Stay Consistent With Your Personal Growth

Pick one goal and stay consistent before moving on to the next. 

You will be surprised at how quickly things can shift for you. 

“What changes can people expect when they are diving into this inner work?”

The old ways of deep transformational work used to be like a purge. We now don’t have to walk through the trauma to heal it. 

When we clear our energy, all the emotions attached to our past trauma flow out. We don’t need to do talk therapy and get into all the trauma, the hurt, and the pain. We can remove the energy. The emotions around it become neutralized. We can do much more efficiently than what used to take months or years to heal. 

The awareness of something can radically shift the energy around it.

You can connect with Jean at and check out her free training about how to stop sabotaging beliefs from sabotaging your future!

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