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Strategy and Technology with Wanda Toro Turini

Jess and Margy are the co owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness.

Today is a special client feature episode of Rock the Podcast with Wanda Toro Turini!

Wanda, also known as Dr. Wanda or The Nerdy Girl Entrepreneur, is a seasoned entrepreneur and a natural inventor. 

She has spent the last 15 years creating first-in-market solutions for multi-billion dollar companies but decided to use her brains to change the lives and businesses of fellow entrepreneurs. Wanda has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and served patients in the critical care and emergency medicine setting before venturing into the business world as a marketer for oncology treatments. 

In 2005, she left a high paying executive opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry and leapt into the world of entrepreneurship. As a Rock Star in marketing and audience engagement, Wanda invented, which is destined to be THE Gold Standard Lead Gen Tool for all experts who love to share their knowledge with audiences. 

Ketchwords was first developed to solve her problem of collecting those Anonymous Fans in her audience.

After creating a texting platform to deliver robust content to her audiences, she used her skills to master the tool and boost the ROI of every appearance. 

She grew her consulting business to $4.2 Million and was able to jump into entrepreneurship to help others do the same! She loves to share the solutions she creates and the stories of her challenges with the desire to inspire people to NEVER say never.

Wanda’s mission is to help other service minded entrepreneurs finally connect with anonymous fans in their audience.

When Wanda was running her consulting firm, she was speaking very frequently and learned that in order to be seen as an expert, you have to show up and speak up. She knew that she needed to figure out how to guarantee a ROI on all the time, energy, and money she was spending on speaking.

Wanda created a texting platform, eco-files, that she first started using to share her presentation slides with her audience. Right away, she had 25% of her audience texting and engaging with her! After working on the technology and further developing, Wanda averaged 76% of her audience texting her!

While running her consulting firm, Wanda spoke at two conferences and was able to reel in over 200 hot leads. These leads easily led her to grow her business to 4.2 million in revenue!

After growing her consulting business, Wanda knew that she wanted to share her knowledge with other entrepreneurs and experts, with a quality, concierge experience. She then launched Ketchwords, specifically for speakers who spoke at conferences.

Then, the pandemic hit.

The Covid-19 pandemic ended up becoming a mixed blessing for Wanda, because she realized that she was missing out on a huge spectrum of folks who were sharing their knowledge on other platforms. Ketchwords helps these entrepreneurs connect and engage with their anonymous fans.

Ketchwords combines both technology and strategy to help entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, and experts capture leads and ensure an amazing ROI! Wanda helps her clients with strategy: how to optimize the technology, and gives the technology to deliver the message in a unique and effective way.

Anyone with a sales background will know that follow-up is key to closing sales. If you don’t keep in touch with your leads, they’ll forget all about you. Ketchwords helps entrepreneurs maintain engagement with their hot leads. 

Wanda understands the importance of staying in your zone of genius.

Ketchwords allows you to stay in your zone of genius, while letting Wanda and her team use their genius on your behalf. Wielding the power of technology is transformative for experts and business owners, and the team at Ketchwords will lead you along the way, while focusing on your results and your impact.

If you’d like to learn more about Wanda and Ketch, text “leads” to 411321!

Global listeners can text “leads” to 19097411321

You can also head to and as a listener of this podcast, you’ll receive 20% off of Wanda’s services with promo code: “Podcast 20”

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