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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Dr. Tracey Marks, who is the author of Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified. She is a psychiatrist with eighteen years experience and helps women jump off the hamster wheel and manage life so it can actually be enjoyed. Dr. Tracey is the creator of Beyond Burnout: A Resource for Working Moms website and the Beyond Burnout Working Moms podcast. During this episode, we discuss how to quiet your mind, nurture your body, revitalize relationships, and enrich your soul.


Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk about Beyond Burnout and how you help working moms.
  • Is meditation something you have to do when you are alone?
  • How do you help moms compartmentalize?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • Lifestyle management are the things you are doing and things you can change about the way you think, eat, sleep that make a huge difference in how you feel, perform, and function.
  • The point is that the answer can’t be ‘just quit your job;’ it is ‘how do you do all the things you have to do better?’
  • Tracey’s focus is helping working moms perform better by addressing four main areas.


Mind, Body, & Soul

  1. Quiet Your Mind
  • This is about being in the moment and blocking out your ‘to do list’ and all the other things you have to do.
  • When your mind is trying to manage everything, it creates more stress and angst.
  • There are many types of meditation. It’s about thinking intently about something specific.
  • Compartmentalize your thinking and focus on what is happening in the moment.
  • You often can’t see the result until you do it.
  • Take one day where you ‘chunk out’ your tasks and thoughts, and see what you get done.


  1. How to Nurture Your Body
  • Sleep and diet are the two biggest nuances that can make a difference.
  • You have to have a routine when it comes to sleep, so ensure to set a regular bedtime.
  • Tracey suggests that our day should be conceptualized with everything leading to bedtime, so you should start with the end in mind.
  • What you do in the daytime matters as to what you do in the nighttime.
  • When it comes to food, if you put in junk, your body won’t treat you well.
  • Strive to have most of your meals in line with a diet that works for your body.
  • To get a clean diet, start with eliminating sugar and hydrogenated oils.


  1. Revitalizing Relationships (Interacting With Others)
  • Relationships are the currency of today. This is the only thing that really matters.
  • Your life is all about the people, so it’s about the modulation of what you are doing and nurturing the relationships.


  1. Enriching Your Soul
  • This is about how you feel towards yourself and ways to enhance those feelings.
  • Losing the victim mindset and not wallowing in failures.
  • The way you think is affected by what you say and the things you hear other people say.
  • It is possible to get rid of negative thinking by infusing positivity.


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