Top 5 Reasons We Turn Potential Clients Away

I am Jessica Rhodes, and I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mike. At Interview Connections, we get entrepreneurs booked on leading podcasts as a guest. In today’s episode, I’m going to tell you the five reasons, the five top reasons we have had to turn clients away.

Reason #1: No personal branding.

We have people that want to be booked as a podcast guest, but when we go to their website, there’s no personal branding. Either it’s just a corporate page, maybe with a little bio, but there’s no personal branding there: Have a logo, have a personal presence on social media. You have to be positioning yourself as an authority figure and as a celebrity in your niche if you want to get booked on leading podcasts.

Reason #2: Their website sucks.

I’m sorry, but if you have broken links on your website, if you click on the Facebook icon or the Twitter icon and it doesn’t go to Facebook or Twitter, then that’s a problem. No copyright at the bottom of the website. All of this shows sloppiness and it shows that you don’t have a web team that’s working on your site, which shows that you’re a one-man or a one-woman shop. Podcasters want to be interviewing successful established experts and entrepreneurs, so have a website that is clean, that’s functioning, that looks good and professional.

#3: We turn people away who are either very disorganized or unresponsive.

When we connect people for interviews, we expect that it’s going to be scheduled promptly, that they’re going to immediately email the show host, thank them for inviting them on the show, get scheduled, be a really easy guest to work with. If we’re talking with someone about our services and they’re not responding to emails, they’re not showing up for calls that we’ve scheduled with them, that is not a good sign. We don’t want them to be booked for an interview and then it have a horrible experience with the show host.

#4: We have turned people away who are honestly, impossible to please.

I’ve had conversations from, “I will only be on podcasts that have 10,000 downloads an episode,” or, “I will only be on podcasts that are speaking to x, y, z;” the most targeted, targeted, targeted niche in the world. While it is important to be speaking to your target market, it is also very important as a guest expert to have a wide reach. To be going on shows not only speaking to your target market, but speaking to all different podcasts. Position yourself as a celebrity expert. Read my blog post about how to be a celebrity. I talk about how it’s very important to go on shows that are not necessarily in your industry, but has you commenting and talking about topics outside of your area of expertise.

#5: Unfortunately, we do have to turn people away because their business is just not set up; it’s not established.

If you haven’t been in business very long or don’t have a lot of experience to talk about, it just makes for interviews that don’t have a lot of depth. Most podcasters want to interview people with experience, with expertise, with credibility, and if you just haven’t been doing what you’re doing that long, there’s just not a lot of opportunity for a lot of bookings. It doesn’t mean that you’re not a great guest, but it does mean that getting booked on leading podcasts is probably not something that you’re ready for right now.

Go to We’d like to talk with you, we’d like to work with you. I am Jessica Rhodes. I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mike. We’ll catch you next Tuesday.


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