Case Study: The Dharmic Evolution podcast with James Kevin O’Connor

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview James Kevin O’Connor in a new mini-series of case studies on podcasting. James has a niche podcast in the music category called The Dharmic Evolution podcast, which focuses on original music. During the show we discuss connecting to your passion, using four touch points, monetization, how to get your show live, audience size and stats.   

Main Questions Asked

  • Tell us the story of when you had the first idea to start the Dharmic Evolution podcast.
  • When you started, was there a business around it or was the podcast first and later built out revenue streams around the show?
  • What were the first steps to getting your show live on iTunes and Stitcher?
  • How many episodes did you lach unch with on iTunes and what is the frequency of your release schedule?
  • When did you know it was the right time to invest in a virtual assistant to help you find guests?
  • Talk about your download numbers and expectations.
  • What has happened in your life and business as a result of the podcast?
  • What things do you do with your podcast that make it high quality?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Do your due diligence before you offer an interview to ensure it will be a good interview rather than find out it’s not a good fit while you are recording.
  • Most people aren’t connected to their passion and some can’t even find it.
  • Podcasting leads to all kinds of opportunities that you may not be aware of  or predict when you go through the process.

The Dharmic Evolution Podcast

  • The year before he started his podcast, John decided to educate himself online.
  • Four songs by the guest artist are included in the podcast episode, which gives the audience four chances to connect with the artists work.
  • Most musical people have found their passion, so this podcast is a great way for people to listen in and follow the trail of how others got connected.
  • John’s guests aren’t big stars but rather are on the cusp of getting to the next level and have been producing records and touring.


  • James didn’t have a monetization strategy when he started the podcast.
  • Revenue streams include life transition and podcast launch coaching for individuals and small business.
  • The common thought for podcasters is to get a high amount of downloads and be able to sell advertising time to advertisers.
  • Podcast audiences can turn into a community and clients that can be monetized. Podcasting monetization doesn’t just have to be about ad revenue.

Going Live

  • Nothing has changed with broadcasting except technology. It’s still a microphone, audience and intimate conversation back-and-forth.
  • James released three shows when the show went live and had at least 30 shows recorded. He likes to be 6-8 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Then plan was to go to two shows per week after 6 months and now does 8-10 shows per month.
  • As you learn you will get better guests, become a better

Show Stats

  • The podcast is just under 4,000 lifetime downloads in one year.


  • The way you sound is out there in perpetuity so spend at least $50 on a quality microphone.
  • Send .WAV files rather than.mp3 when sending files to hosts.
  • Start on a higher platform and the output will sound much better on  compressed generations.

Guest Relations

  • Every podcast guest has a dedicated blog post on the website, which includes their bio and links.    
  • Tweetable links of guest quotes are sent out in order to encourage them to send to their mailing lists and promote to their audience.
  • James gives each guest an autographed CD with a thank you note.
  • There are at least 5 different follow-ups after the guest is on the show.

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The music in today’s episode was written by The Danger Os and produced by Nick Palmer. Check them out at 

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