Thinking Bigger in Your Business and Life

rockthecast | Jul 23, 2015

THINKING-BIGGERAs entrepreneurs, we have a hunger and a drive to create, to develop, and to live life to the absolute fullest! We’re problem solvers and are never satisfied with the status quo. We know that taking our foot off the gas petal is not an option.

The other fun part about being an entrepreneur is that as our lives change and as we transition into different phases of our lives with our families, we can adjust our businesses to fit our lifestyle.

When I started my business it was for the sole purpose of being a stay at home mom. I was pregnant and wanted an income I could generate from a home office.

What started as a side gig I could do with a baby on my lap has turned into a fast growing 6-figure business which employs over 7 part time virtual sub contractors, many of who are moms who are working from home with their kids!

My son is now two and a half and my daughter, Lucy, is due to be born in just 2 and a half weeks (Aug. 10th, 2015). My husband is transitioning to a work-from-home job because he too wants to live this lifestyle of working from home and being around a lot more in the home. With that, I’ve decided to think bigger in my business and no longer be a WAHM (work at home mom). After my maternity leave, I’ll be working from an office a few miles away from our house.

Having a space outside the home is going to allow me to think bigger in my business. It’s going to offer a greater separation from my life as a mama and my life as a business owner.

I share this with you to pose the question to you: how has your life changed recently or what will be changing in your life coming up? How can you shift things in your business and your life to take things to the next level (as my friend, Cliff Ravenscraft says, “Take everything you do in life to the next level!)?

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