Reviews vs. Word of Mouth

rockthecast | Jan 19, 2017

I co-host a podcast called The Podcast Producers with Corey Coates. We are in pre-production for Season 3 which is scheduled to launch on June 1, 2017. The focus this season is on the listener; the people who are consuming the podcasts, not those producing them. You can learn so much more about how to produce a better show and grow your audience if you turn outwards, and ask your listeners for feedback!

I was recently in New York City and took the opportunity to interview podcast listeners I met on the train, subway and in breweries.

Here the three questions I asked, and the answers I got:

How do you find new podcasts to listen to? 

  • Recommendations from friends
  • Searching for topics of interest

When do you decide to subscribe to a show? 

  • Right away and if they don’t like the show, they just never listen / delete it 

Do you ever leave ratings and reviews? 

  • Never

I listen to a lot of podcasts and hang out with a lot of podcasters and without a doubt the thing podcasters are asking their listeners to do the most is:

Subscribe, rate & review my show in iTunes!

Are you asking your listeners to do these three things? If so, why?

More importantly, how is rating and reviewing your podcast going to bring value to the listener?

It doesn’t. It is a FAVOR to you, the host.

Who do you do favors for? I do favors for my friends, family, people who are down on their luck and need a helping hand. I do favors for people who have provided value to me; people who have helped me and who I feel like I owe them something in return.

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If you want listeners to rate & review your show in iTunes, provide value first! #RockThePodcast @JessRhodesBiz

Corey and I will be gathering a lot more feedback from listeners all over the country so my observations are sure to evolve but for now, based on a few valuable conversations I had in New York City, my biggest tip for you is to focus on providing value to your listeners first and foremost, and when you do give them a call to action (which should be at the END of the show, AFTER you’ve provided said value), ask them to tell a friend!

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