How To Book Great Guests for your Podcast with Adrion Porter

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Adrion Porter, who is a brand builder, podcaster, speaker, and consultant, and has a background working for Cartoon Network, HBO, Cinemax, and Citi Group. Adrion’s podcast, Gen X Amplified, focuses on empowering Gen X to be stronger leaders in the new media marketplace, define their story, and lead millennials. During the show, we discuss getting big name guests on your podcast early on, networking at live events, and the value of non-celebrity guests.

Main Questions Asked:

  • How did you connect with big name guests and get them on your podcasts early on?
  • Talk about the value that non-celebrity guests bring to your show.

Key Lessons Learned:

Multi-Platform Approach

  • Get yourself known in a number of ways such blogging, video, podcasts, social media, conferences.
  • The multi-platform approach for content makes you recognizable and more approachable.

Gen X Amplified Podcast

  • The show focuses on the Gen X generation.
  • Gen X is the generation between the baby boomers and millennials, and are aged mid 30s-50s.
  • The goal of the show is to redefine the narrative and brand and empower Gen X.
  • Before Adrion launched the podcast, he went to Social Media Marketing World to test out the how idea amongst attendees.

Getting Great Guests

  • When you are pre-launch, it’s hard to get well known guests to be on your podcast.
  • Get great guests though hustle, determination, a strong purpose, brand, and vision.
  • Create a list of people you have in mind for your show.
  • You need to have a consistent clear message, purpose and target audience, and be able to articulate it.
  • Stick with it and don’t change your show strategy.
  • Be consistent in making connections, and find common pieces in conversations and optimize it.
  • 6 degrees of separation is a real thing. Take advantage and work your connections.

Attending Live Events

  • Meeting prospective guests at live events in person is the most effective way.   
  • Develop a relationship before asking your potential guest to be on your podcast.
  • Events such as Social Media Marketing World can be pricey. The way to look at this is that each attendee also made the investment, which brings instant respect.

Guests By Referencing

  • If one of your guests mentions someone in their interview, use the opportunity to reach out to that person and leverage it. 
  • This namedropping method shows you aren’t a fan and have already been spotlighted on your show.

5 Things to Articulate

  • When pitching potential podcast guests, you need be clear on the following:

1. Message

2. Branding

3. Audience and target market

4. Show’s purpose

5. Staying consistent

  • If you are able to articulate the above, you will be more likely to get great guests regardless of whether the show is pre-launch or established.

Celebrity Guests

  • Regardless of what people say, celebrities will not make or break your podcast.
  • Every guest will bring tremendous value for someone.
  • Your listeners download your show because they like you, not because they like the guest.

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