Stop Idolizing Internet Celebrities

rockthecast | Nov 7, 2014


In our world of online entrepreneurship, Internet marketing and podcasting, there are a lot of ‘celebrities.’ We go to conferences and those with high download numbers on their podcast and big email lists have people who are afraid to walk up to them and get star struck when they shake their hand. My tip for you, especially if you are working to build your podcast and your brand is to stop idolizing Internet celebrities and people who are more successful than you are.

Why? As soon as you place these people up on a pedestal, you automatically place yourself below them.

Listen, we all look up to people who are more successful than us. I’m not saying don’t admire people. My point is you need to shift your mindset so your focus is on growing your business and building relationships with people in your industry. Do you want to do business with these ‘celebrities’ you idolize so much? Talk to them as an equal and provide value to them. Sure, they may be flattered when someone walks up star struck and asks for a picture, but what will do more for your business in the long run: A picture and a handshake or a genuine conversation and a long term relationship?

If you’re interested in this whole topic of how to build relationships in business, listen to my interview with Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner on my podcast, Rhodes to Success. Michael is a former client and someone who I have a great relationship with!

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