Live Streaming Video Tips

rockthecast | Oct 22, 2015

LIVE-STREAMINGLive streaming has been around for a long time but with the recent launch of Blab and Periscope, it’s really taken off (no pun intended)!

As my friend, Gary George puts it: live streaming is still the Wild Wild West- It’s so new that even the ‘experts’ still only have a few months of experience using Blab and Periscope!

I’ve personally done a handful of scopes at this point and did my first Blab a few days ago, however, I’ve been filming weekly videos for Interview Connections TV for over a year and a half. Here are some tips for making the most of your live streaming videos:

  1. Have decent lighting. If you have a window or light behind you, you’ll be pretty dark. Find a place in your office or your home where the light compliments you!
  2. Look at the camera (not the screen): This is tricky because you want to look at the other person’s face (or you, if it’s Periscope) but unless you look at the camera directly, the viewers will see your eyes looking away from them.
  3. Have energy and be entertaining! Maybe you need to drink some extra coffee (or wine!) or do some jumping jacks before starting. When people watch video, they want to be entertained and engaged. So be a little more animated then you might be if you were recording audio only.
  4. My last tip is to experiment. As I mentioned, live streaming is a new beast for marketers. Everyone is trying different things to see what sticks so experiment with different content and different types of shows and see what your audience likes best!

If you’re reading this blog after Periscope and Blab have been around for a while, comment below about what’s changed and what your tips are!

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