Relationships vs. Friendships: Joleene Moody Isn’t in Business to Find a New BFF

On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Joleene Moody who is an expert in breaking into the world of paid speaking and entrepreneurship. Joleene is a former TV reporter and anchor turned transformational speaker, author, and business consultant. If you’ve ever been interested in booking paid speaking gigs and landing high paid clients then this podcast is the perfect place to start!


Main Questions Asked

–       What is your opinion on women in business being afraid of hurting people’s feelings?

–       How do you describe profitable relationships?


Key Lessons Learned

–       Building relationships is all about providing value to other people and thus attracting the right relationships to you

–       When you are growing your business ask yourself ‘who can I help and who can I bring value to?’ Doing this will attract people to you

–       The more authentic you are and less you care about people’s feelings the more people will want to be connected to you


Business Relationships vs Friendships

–       Often people want to build business relationships but care more about being liked and not hurting anyone’s feelings

–       As women in business, there is a problem with defining business relationships and friendships

–       Sometimes women are afraid to engage in conversation as a professional

–       Business isn’t personal. Remember to be professional not focus on becoming BFFs

–       Women have a fear of ‘rubbing someone the wrong way’ and not becoming BFFs this brings up fear that others could speak negatively of you

–       Building profitable relationships isn’t about building friendships


Business Communication

–       You can’t read someone’s tone through an e-mail message

–       Maturity is a piece of business evolution everyone needs to move through

–       If it doesn’t matter and its not going to keep you up at night hitting delete on an email is fine

–       Being cognizant of someone’s feelings is different to absorbing them


Profitable Relationships

–       Focus on what will be best for you not on who you want to connect with

–       Be part of a network where people want each other to genuinely succeed

–       If you are in a place where the success is just about you then you won’t make it (this is the space of manipulation)

–       The relationships you build are at the core of a passion that ignited what you are moving through to bring you to a higher place

–       If you want to be successful and profitable in your business then working for free is not going to get you there


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