Create Your Signature Talk and Build Your Business with Speaking with Jeannie Spiro

On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Jeannie Spiro, who is an online business coach and speaker specializing in helping coaches, consultants, and small business owners design, sell, and profit from their signature talk. As the founder of the profitable Create Profitable Signature Talk Systems, Jeannie teaches her five step formula to getting clients from speaking. If you want to know how to craft a magnetic talk to attract clients and sell your product, programs, and services then this is a fantastic podcast for you!


Main Questions Asked

  • How did you get into business and learn about the underground world of being an entrepreneur?
  • Did you ever say, “I want to be an entrepreneur” or was it more about “I want to create a life that is best for my family”?
  • How did you decide to make speaking the main part of your business?
  • What was the journey of starting the business and doing it on the side, to now where you have programs, courses, presentations and are teaching people?
  • What are your thoughts on teleseminars, webinars, and podcasts?
  • What is the best way to start speaking?
  • Go through what someone should have prepared in their speaker kit to send to a host.
  • Why is it important for bios to be written in third person?
  • How can you find speaking opportunities online?
  • How can somebody prepare for speaking on a webinar and what are some communication tips on sounding engaging?
  • How do you take speaking opportunities and turn them into paying clients?
  • Draw a simple outline of what that funnel would look like.
  • What is the ‘free offer?’


Key Lessons Learned

  • A lot of people earn their living in their ‘excellence zone’, which is just under the ‘genius zone.’
  • The genius zone is when you are living in your total creative zone where anything can flow to you.
  • Whatever you do make sure you ‘talk your walk!’
  • A lot of people are moving into webinars because the audience is engaged. However, the learning curve is bigger than with other mediums.
  • It’s important to get your voice ‘out there’ through a teleseminar. This is your starting point and is effective but need to be specific (subject or target audience.)
  • The more refined your subject or target market is the more you can get people to be actively engaged.


Getting Started As a Speaker

  • Getting interviewed and speaking is a great way to grow your business. You need to figure out how to establish credibility to people talent bookers.
  • The best way to start is by getting interviewed and come up with a couple of questions you can be asked on your topic.
  • Ask people who have a similar list and community to yours to interview you.
  • Get yourself ‘out there’ and let people know you have an expertise. Provide them with your list of questions and get the word out.
  • The key is to have your link to your free offer and get listeners onto your site and mailing list.


What’s in the Speaker Kit?

  • Create a word document with an introduction note including information on your socials and Skype.
  • Include one or two professional promo photos of yourself, a short bio, a long bio, your talk title, and interview questions about your talk title.
  • Make sure your questions include action oriented, result oriented, benefit oriented bullets that connect back to what your talk is about.
  • It’s important to do your bio in third person so someone else can read it out.
  • Third person bios also give the perception that you have a bigger business that you might actually have.


Finding Speaking Opportunities

  • Look at your competitors, what shows and formats are they are being interviewed on and where they are speaking.
  • Set up lists in Twitter and segment to see where they are speaking.
  • Pay attention to your Facebook newsfeed and sponsored posts (take screenshots as reminders to follow up.)


Preparing to Speak on a Webinar or Teleseminar

  • Provide your presentation to the host of the webinar or teleseminar (pretend as if its your own show.)
  • To stay engaged, you as the speaker need to have an elevated voice with more volume and energy.
  • Prior to getting on your webinar or teleseminar get your energy going (this will improve your performance.)
  • To keep people engaged, strategically design your presentation to pull people in.
  • You can ask engaging questions after you’ve presented your information e.g “pick up your pen.”
  • To keep people on promise them something at the end of the presentation e.g a piece of free content or link at the end.
  • Sit up straight and smile when you are being interviewed or presenting.


Speaking to Get Clients

  • Your ‘talk funnel’ starts with you presenting or doing the interview and getting people to your mailing list.
  • Cultivate that relationship to the next level (your own presentation, workshop, webinar, live event etc.)
  • The interview is the beginning of your talk funnel and the rest is up to you.
  • What the funnel looks like:
  • A) Opt in – Get free gift (leads to conversation/ consultation)
  • B) Invite them to an evergreen presentation or webinar.


The Free Offer

  • Needs to be directly connected to your presentation and what you offer in your business.
  • This is the first taste of free information.
  • When they get to know you better give them even more information.


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