Building Relationships through Collaboration: Jared Easley is Starving the Doubts

On this episode of Rhode to Success I interview Jared Easley, the bestselling author of Podcasting Good to Great; How to Grow your Audience through Collaboration. Jared is the host of Starve the Doubts and the man behind America’s only national podcasting conference; Podcast Movement. If you’ve ever thought of starting your own podcast or want to know a few insider tips then this is the episode for you!


Main Questions Asked 

–       What is the music you use on your podcast?

–       How does building rapport with your listeners help build relationships with them?

–       What are some things you did early on in your podcast that helped you build a strong audience?

–       What is the podcast co-hosting strategy?

–       Talk about the power of mentioning people’s name on a podcast

–       How can speaking at attending live events grow relationships?


Key Lessons Learned 


–       You can purchase stock music for your podcast, but it will be widely used

–       Another alternative is to utilize local bands’ music which in turn helps promote them too


Early days of your Podcast 

–       Allow yourself permission to not be great when you start out podcasting

–       Embrace your invisibility when you are starting your new idea. This is your chance to practice and improve.

–       Focus on the people you are trying to serve and ask yourself “how do I get to know them and how do I develop a rapport?”

–       If you want to get noticed online one of the best strategies is to start noticing (sharing) other peoples’ content who are in your target. This develops a rapport and synergy.

–       Check in (share) on a consistent basis with several people

–       Over time rapport generates reciprocity

–       You don’t have to have the best equipment, guests, and performance straight away just start doing recording podcasts

–       Perception is reality so just fake it till you make it


Benefits Podcasting with a Co-host 

–       There are different formats of podcasts; monologues, panels, interviews, and podcasts featuring co-hosts

–       You can grow your network by inviting people on your podcast as a guest

–       Think about how you can make people feel appreciated and share their story (how do you make it about them?)

–       Helping other people get what they want helps you get what you want

–       Building relationships doesn’t have to always be affiliate marketing, you can just genuinely help others


Mentioning People in your Podcast

–       An on-air mention is a simple free strategy with big impact

–       Ask yourself: “who are the people that would appreciate my mentioning them?”

–       The best people to mention are the people in the ‘trenches’ and your target audience who wouldn’t usually get a mention

–       A mention is a powerful way to get people excited and build rapport

–       You can make somebodies day just by mentioning their name in your podcast


Speaking at and Attending Live Events

–       Proximity is power

–       When you are communication in person with someone you have a richer dynamic in your relationship connection

–       Find unique ways to go to events or local Meetups

–       Everyone loves a prize no matter what the speaking engagement

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