Repurposing Content and Web Conversions: Adam Hommey on Content Marketing

On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Adam Hommey, founder and creator or Help My Website Sell and The Business Creators Institute. Adam’s focus is on helping you emancipate the power of information by converting more social media fans and followers. His goals is to turn website visitors into prospects and customers by simplifying your internet marketing technology. In doing this, you can get more customers, make more money and make a bigger difference. If you want to know how 1 hour of content can be used in 22 ways then you need to listen to this podcast!


Main Questions Asked

–       How did you end up founding Help My Website Sell?

–       What are web conversions?

–       What does multi-purposing and content marketing have to do with web conversions?

–       What is the model where 1 hour of content can be used 22 different ways?

–       What kinds of entrepreneurs have you had a lot of success with?


Key Lessons Learned

– When you want to take things to the next level its important to invest and implement systems to increase conversion rates


Web Conversions

–       When people who visit your web pages do what you want them to do

–       Sign up for your webinar, product for sale and buy it, register for your event, comment on your blog, listen to a podcast are some examples of actions taken

–       Just getting traffic to your website is not effective, you actually need visitors who are prequalified, prepped and pumped

–       Prequalified- addressing the right people

–       Prepped– when click on link they know what to expect

–       Pumped– they are excited to be there so they are waiting for page to load to take action

–       It will take an average of 9 months to a year before someone contact you after they first hear about you


One Hour of Content Used Twenty Two Ways

  1. Create content – Host ateleseminar orwebinar. This will give you the basis to create the content in 22 different ways. You need something that has video, audio, and something to be transcribed into text. Make sure your webinar is structured (bullet points, interview questions etc.)
  2. Video replay in streaming mp4 (can also play on mobile device)
  3. Create an autopilot webinar using software such as Evergreen Business
  4. Carve video into little segments
  5. Create optimized videos on YouTube
  6. Take video segments and add to blog posts on your website
  7. Edit video into auto responders
  8. Embed the video in your newsletter
  9. Place video in membership site and sell access
  10. Audio – render out the file so you have audio only using a program such as Sony Vegas
  11. Upload audio to iTunes for podcast
  12. Pre-schedule audio using Instant Teleseminar
  13. Take audio and put over still images on YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion using a program such as Camtasia
  14. Take audio and put it with the transcript to make an information product for people to download at a reasonable price
  15. Audio can be a bonus for existing products you are already selling
  16. Transcription – Hire a transcriptionist to create word document e.g Magiscript
  17. Find 7-10 topic areas from the content and make into blog posts
  18. Take each blog post and adapt into script for YouTube, iTunes, E-zine, Newsletters, feature article or a personal note
  19. Each blog post can be a conversation starter for Facebook, Twitter & Linked In discussion groups. A 1hr transcript can provide 30-50 status updates.
  20. Turn your transcript into E-book
  21. Turn multiple webinars into a full published book
  22. Use transcript as foundation notes for public speaking presentations or podcasts


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