It’s Not Your Guest’s Responsibility to Market Your Podcast

rockthecast | Oct 29, 2015

It’s-Not-Your-Guest’s-Responsibility-to-Market-your-PodcastWhen I am interviewed on podcasts to talk about how to get booked as a guest, one of the most frequently asked questions is around how to get guests to promote the show. Many podcasters will say, “Guests SHOULD promote it” or “A guest is good IF they promote the show.”

Let me be clear: Whether or not a guest promotes YOUR show does not make them good, or bad. If a guest promotes your show, it’s something to be appreciated not expected.

So, if we can’t expect or make guests promote their interviews, how can we encourage it?

Simple: host an interview that is such an enjoyable experience and spotlights them in such a great way that makes them WANT to get the show out there!

Guests who have a bad experience won’t want to share the show, regardless of how many graphics and click to tweets you give them!

To help you out, here are some mistakes podcasters make that cause guests to NOT want to share the show:

  • Make it difficult to schedule; whether you need to go back and forth several times or cancel and reschedule multiple times
  • Make your guests answer a lot of questions on a form before the recording.
  • Say offensive things during the interview that turn the guest off
  • Podcasters don’t tell the guest when the show is live

Nobody has time for that…

  • Disrespect their time by going over the agreed upon slot of time. If you say it’s a 30-minute interview, END in 30 minutes, or ask them if they have flexibility to keep going.
  • Fail to focus on their business expertise and don’t give them the opportunity to promote their business.

Focusing on a quality interview and treating your guests like royalty will result in a better podcast for the listeners, and guests who can’t wait to share their interview!

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