I’m a Marketer & an Entrepreneur, But Podcasting is Still My Art

rockthecast | Aug 13, 2015

it's my art

In The Podcast Producers, Corey and I talk about the art and business of podcasting and in one episode we dedicate the entire conversation to the topic of hobby vs. business podcasting. I was candid in the show that I decided to accept Corey’s offer to co-host this show because I believed it would be good for my business; it’d serve as a good marketing tool for Interview Connections. What I discovered though, throughout the process of creating the series was that I LOVE podcasting; I love the connection I make with the guest and my cohost, I love the challenge of conducting a good interview and I love the art of finding my voice. 

I want to talk about that last part: “finding my voice” because that’s a phrase that’s thrown around a lot. 

Here’s what I mean by the art of finding my voice. 

In my first podcast interview (heck in my first 20 podcast interviews!) I sound stiff and the tone of my voice was higher. You know how when you answer the phone and you’re speaking with a stranger you have a higher voice to sound polite? Them when your spouse calls you pick up and say “hey” and your voice is more in your chest than in your head? For me, finding my voice on the mic was being able to talk into the mic as if the person on the other side (be it a listener, guest or co host) was someone I know intimately well…even when it was the first time I had ever talked to that person. 

When you get to a place where you speak into the mic comfortably, magic happens on your podcast. Your listeners feel like they are your close friend; like they are your partner. 

This realization for me happened after about 40 podcast recordings so if you’ve only just begun, have patience and keep at it! 

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