IC023: Live Panel Discussion at Dream Business Academy 2017

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This week’s episode features Jess doing a LIVE panel discussion at Dream Business Academy!

  • Podcasting doesn’t just grow your business, it grows you personally
      1. Podcasting gives you a voice
      2. It gives you an intimate setting to speak to YOUR tribe
      3. You become more confident when you find your voice
  • There’s no formula for being successful with your podcast
      1. Be YOU
      2. Only recently did Jess get comfortable being herself
      3. Podcasting lets you add some fun and color to your business
  • Do podcasting because it’s fun!
    1. Not everyone likes the new format of the show, but all that matters is that Jess is having fun!

Panel of Experts Featuring Doug Foresta, Ben DeCastro and Joe Kashurba:

  • Joe, what is the value of being a guest on podcasts (even small ones)?
      1. Getting interviewed has helped his public speaking ability 100 fold
      2. It has brought clarity about his message from telling his story so many times
  • What is the ROI of podcasting? How long does it take?
      1. It takes some time and consistency
      2. Interviews don’t go live right away
      3. Can be very direct response if you take the time to set up and then direct people to your lead page (have a specific call to action)
      4. Doug was very nervous in the beginning, but in ten years he can trace back all his clients to podcasts and many of his best relationships
  • Ben, tell us about your show Carpooling with Ben:
      1. His show Wicked Rhody is just for events in RI (just for entertainment!)
      2. Carpooling with Ben started as a show for Cardi’s
  • Joe, what role does podcasting play in your content marketing?
    1. Many potentials listen to more than one of Joe’s interviews and then are very ready to buy (because they already know like and trust him)
    2. Using podcast content proactively is key
    3. Joe often puts podcast content on a landing page and sends it to his email list
    4. Joe also does Facebook ads leading people towards interviews
    5. Jess recommends recording every interview on your end in case the host makes a mistake (that way you have the content to use)
    6. There are huge SEO benefits to podcast backlinks
    7. Potentials google you and see all your interviews, which builds a lot of credibility
  • What should your goal be for creating a podcast?
      1. Doug started with an unsuccessful show and learned a lot
      2. You should have a reason to start
      3. Decide what success looks like for you
      4. It’s good to have low standards when you first start
      5. It’s ok to change it if it doesn’t work
      6. Know who you’re talking to and provide value to those people
      7. Make people think in a different way
      8. Every successful show has a script or an outline- PLAN AHEAD!
  • How can you podcast well?
      1. Podcasting is much newer than TV and radio
      2. Watch professional interviewers from traditional media spaces and learn
  • What Ben learned from the Rhode Show:
      1. Cardi’s Furniture helped start the Rhode Show
      2. After the first year, there was guest confusion, so they learned how to manage expectations and walk them through the interview process
      3. Now, Ben gives guests an outline so they know what to expect
      4. Help guests understand how to promote the interview to their followers
      5. Ben breaks the fourth wall, which TV people hate, by walking guests into the set so they feel comfortable
      6. Similar to retail, let customers adjust and relax before the interview
  • What are the dos and don’ts of pitching a podcaster?
      1. Listen to the show
      2. Fully understand the genre and why you are a fit!
      3. Don’t focus on your needs, focus on what you can give to the host (i.e. value and great content)
      4. No one cares about your book launch
      5. Have fun with your pitch
      6. Include links of you as a guest or reel (2-3 minutes)
  • What’s the importance of your press page and online presence?
      1. Your bio is something you should check every 3-6 months at least to make sure it’s updated
  • What’s the importance of a one sheet?
    1. Your one sheet has your headshot, contact, bio and suggested questions
    2. The suggested questions guide the interview to position you the way you want
    3. Questions must provide value (not an infomercial)
    4. Helps the host so they don’t have to take as much prep time
    5. Putting it together also helps you clarify your messaging for yourself

Final Tips:

  1. Listen to your own show and make sure it’s good
  2. Get audio quality good enough that it’s not distracting

Resources Mentioned:

Dream Business Academy

Doug Foresta

Ben DeCastro

Joe Kashurba

Wicked Rhody

Carpooling with Ben

Cardi’s Furniture

The Rhode Show

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