IC022: Setting Clear Expectations

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Jess has a brand new look, and Margy is spreading the gospel of bangs. Then, we discuss expectations as a podcast guest and a real-life example of a smaller show going VIRAL!

Setting Clear Expectations as a Guest:

  1. The speed of results
    1. Podcast interviews are a long-term strategy
    2. It takes time to get first interviews booked and released
    3. The bigger the show, the longer the wait
    4. It takes time to get on those bigger shows
  2. It only takes one show (or one listener) for the strategy to pay off
    1. Understand that you may not be ready for the bigger shows; interview practice is valuable and being on a bigger show after you’ve had more experience is going to be more valuable
    2. Knowing how to be a great entrepreneur doesn’t mean you automatically know how to be a great interviewee; it takes practice!
    3. We want you to be ready for big shows before we place you there
  3. A lot of the big shows might not be a good fit for YOU
    1. If they aren’t a fit for you, OR you aren’t a fit for them, we should NOT pitch you!
    2. Being in front of your target audience (big or small) is more valuable than a big audience who isn’t a fit
    3. Don’t let ego make you lose sight of your goals for interviews

How a Tiny Show Beat Joe Rogan:

We were just discussing how to go viral on our last episode, and this week we saw a small podcast GO VIRAL!!! Here are some reasons why:

  1. Jo (the host of Zealot) went to see My Favorite Murder live
    1. If you go to see comedians (or anyone) live, they are more likely to talk to you! (SUPPORT THEIR WORK FIRST!)
    2. Find your target audience, and go see them in person
  2. She gave a unique pitch
    1. They get lots of pitches to go onstage
    2. Jo’s pitch was totally unique because she offered to do The Moonwalk
    3. Show what is unique about you and how it can bring value to the host!
  3. Her topic was relevant to listeners of My Favorite Murder
    1. Everyone listening to MFM is a great audience for a comedy cult show
    2. Be in front of the people who will care about your topic (the right audience is everything!)

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