Podcasting Tips From Doug Foresta After 800 Interviews & Counting

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Doug Foresta, who first got into podcasting five years ago and has since interviewed eight hundred people. Doug is the producer of Creating Change, The CoachZing Show, and coaches entrepreneurs on how to podcast and be a great podcast guest. He also helps service professionals expand their reach and attract their ideal clients.  During the show, we discuss how to get celebrity interviews, why podcasting isn’t all about downloads, and how to be a great interviewer.


Main Questions Asked:

  • How did you learn how to start interviewing people?
  • How did you land interviews with big guests when you were so new to podcasting?
  • Talk about your philosophy of ‘It’s not all about the download numbers.’
  • What are your recommendations and do’s and don’ts for being a great interviewer?
  • Talk about your philosophy and how you approach coaching entrepreneurs.
  • How do you bring in the marketing and business side when working with entrepreneurs?


Key Lessons Learned:


  • Podcasting is still in its infancy as a form. Radio is mass market, and podcasting is a niche.
  • Podcasting is about ‘tribe building’ and pushing the form.
  • You don’t have to have a classic broadcasting voice; you just have to be ‘you.’


Getting Celebrity Interviews

  • Don’t approach interviews with a ‘what can I get’ attitude but rather ‘how can I serve and help people.’
  • Don’t think about ‘getting’ a guest, but think about ‘having a conversation.’
  • If you give a famous person a platform to talk about something they can’t talk about anywhere else, they are more likely to accept your invitation to be on your podcast.


It’s Not All About Download Numbers

  • Podcasting is not just about the download numbers but about the experience you create.
  • An affective way to have a really good show with longevity is to serve your listeners by finding out what they like, make more of it, and turn them into raving fans.
  • Rather than focusing on downloads, look at how good your podcast is. Do your listeners e-mail you? Are they joining your e-mail list? Are they part of your tribe and community?
  • If you don’t create a good podcast, then people won’t come back to listen again anyway.
  • Podcasting is about the quality of relationships you build with people that can’t be measured in downloads.


Interview Tips

  • Take improv. classes and get skills in ‘being in the moment.’
  • Don’t always worry about the next question, but dig deeper with who, what, why, when, where, and how questions.
  • Being a great interviewer is a great networking skill and means making the guest shine rather than yourself.


Entrepreneur Podcast Coaching

  • Find what you most need to say in your voice.
  • Discover your point of view and what is unique in your voice.
  • Monetizing your community is about creating raving fans, building an email list, then making offers.
  • The brand that starts around your podcast often becomes a new brand for your business.


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Links to Resources Mentioned

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Podcasting isn’t all about the downloads. Find out why w/ @dougforesta @JessRhodesESS  www.Rtspodcast.com #podcast

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