How to Keep Your Podcast Bookings Organized

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In order to maximize your impact as a podcast guest and achieve the highest return on investment, it’s crucial to put some basic systems in place within your own team for tracking your interviews. This will help you more effectively nurture long term relationships with hosts, promote your appearances and track your results.

Stacey Brown Randall, an expert in how to generate referrals without asking, is an Interview Connections client who has gotten amazing results through podcast interviews. Stacey uses an assistant to help schedule and organize her podcast interviews. She has a simple and easy to use system in place for booking, scheduling, and promoting her interview appearances that you can implement in your business, whether or not you have a team.

How can podcast guests keep all their interview connections with hosts organized?

For Stacey, her process is the same whether it’s managed by her or an assistant. She believes in processes and workflows that are super simple. By keeping systems simple, there is less of a possibility for mistakes. She adds that the best CRM for your business is whatever one you’ll actually open up in the morning.


Use a Master Spreadsheet

Stacey tracks all of her podcast interviews in Microsoft Excel in one master spreadsheet. As soon as she is connected with a podcast host, she schedules the recording right away or forwards the connection email to her assistant to schedule. Since most podcast hosts will ask the same kinds of questions when scheduling a guest, Stacey keeps a spreadsheet with those answers to make it easy for her and her assistant to complete the booking. Once she secures a date and time for her recording, the podcast is added to her spreadsheet.

Enter The Right Info onto the Spreadsheet

When adding a podcast interview to her master spreadsheet, Stacey will include the podcast name, host name, and date of the scheduled interview. This helps her track when her interviews are occurring for each show (interviews are also being tracked in her calendar). Once the interview is recorded, Stacey will add to her spreadsheet the live link (which most hosts will send), the episode number, and the host’s mailing address. Stacey recommends asking the host for their mailing address so you can send them thank you cards, holiday cards, and anything else that will help nurture this new relationship.


Nurture Your Relationships with Podcast Hosts

Having a great connection with a podcast host during an interview can also lead to organic leads. Hosts will often reach out after hearing her on a podcast, or through the recommendation of a host asking her to be a guest on their show! She tracks these interviews on the same spreadsheet, keeping a separate tab for these organic leads in the same format she uses for the shows we book her on.

Download this Spreadsheet Template!

Stacey was generous enough to share this spreadsheet template with our listeners to make it easy for you to track your interviews!

Click here to get your template!

Offering a free gift to the podcast audience is a great way to drive traffic to your website and build your email list. This is something Stacey did a lot when she first started working with Interview Connections to get booked.

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