How I Keep My Business Running on Vacation AND Increase my Revenue

rockthecast | Jul 16, 2014

If you follow me on Facebook or get my emails, you know I have just spent 2 beautiful weeks on vacation and while being at the beach, I not only kept my business running, I increased my revenue by signing up 3 new clients!

How do I do it?

I start by adjusting my mindset about what vacation is for me as an entrepreneur right now. As a worker; an employee; someone with a job, vacation was the ONE week I looked forward to all year long. Vacation was the one time I got to unplug and not do any work. I worked hard to accrue paid time off so that I could go to the beach.

That is not my life anymore! (Thank goodness)

I now work to make every week of the year a balanced and enjoyable one. I live near the water so that at 2pm on a Tuesday, I can walk on the beach and smell the ocean air. Now, when I go on ‘vacation’ I don’t have the itch to unplug because I love running my business and I love marketing and growing it!

Instead of unplugging at the beach on vacation, I ‘dim the lights’! I do not schedule any interviews on podcasts or phone calls. I have a virtual assistant who takes care of phone calls from prospective clients and who helps keep Interview Connections operating smoothly. I have clients who can delegate my VA work to their other VA’s while I’m away. I lighten my load as much as I can so I can keep things running but am available for any clients or VA’s who need me.

If you are in the early stages of your business and are trying to figure out how you could possibly take a vacation and keep the business running, make sure you create systems and leverage virtual assistants. Write everything down so that when you hire a VA, they know exactly what to do in your absence. Also, set clear lines of how available you will be. For example, I let my clients know that I will be working but will not take any phone calls.

And hey- if you have a podcast, Interview Connections can keep your show running smoothly while you travel! Visit to learn more!


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