How to Harvest Gold from the Minds of Successful People with Greg S. Reid

On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Greg S. Reid who is a bestselling author, acclaimed speaker and filmmaker. Greg has motivated millions of people and is published in more than 45 books including 28 bestsellers, 5 movies, and is featured in countless magazines. In this podcast learn how to seize those ‘ah ha’ moments and seek counsel over opinion.


Main Questions Asked

–       Can you talk about how we can still harvest gold from the minds of successful people when we go a long time without being face-to-face with other entrepreneurs?

–       What gave you the confidence to go on your journey?

–       Talk about running from people with negative attitudes and breaking ties with people who aren’t going to move you forward

–       What is your take on entrepreneurs creating distance between themselves and their audience?


Key Lessons Learned

–       A good author writes about what he or she needs help with the most

–       We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with

–       Run from people with negative attitudes

–       Its difficult to cut negative people from your life when they are friends, family and colleagues



–       Many people have great ideas but a lot don’t have initiative to do things with the great idea

–       How many times have you had an ‘ah ha’ moment and let it go away only years later to see someone else has made a success of it? Don’t let it be you!

–       The best thing to do is to harness that great idea the moment it strikes you

–       Its not about what information you get its about the application of that knowledge

–       All the energy and information is in the airwaves so you just need to tap that source


Relationship Marketing

–       Relationship marketing is all about building relationships with successful people in order to build your business

–       Remember don’t give up before the finish line and quit before the miracle happens

–       LOR – leveraging our relationships

–       Successful people know how to move the fulcrum so they can leverage their relationships at the highest rate possible



–       When entrepreneurs become well known some start outsourcing their email, social media and make the decision to create distance between themselves and their audience

–       The most successful people are the most accessible and available people

–       You have to have responsibility and accountability for your actions even if you outsource your brand representation for things such as social media


Counsel and Opinion

–       There is a big difference between counsel and opinion

–       Opinion is based in ignorance, lack of knowledge and someone who has never done it

–       Counsel is based on wisdom, knowledge and mentorship

–       Successful people seek counsel where failures listen to opinion

–       If we spend our daily lives only seeking counsel and ignoring people’s opinion then that is the day your life will change

–       The line between successful relationships, mentorships and friendships is often blurred. People often fall into the trap of seeking opinion instead of mentorship

–       It is possible to have multiple mentors in your life so surround yourself with the right people who can get you the information you want


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