121: My 2017 Travel Schedule

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Going to, and sponsoring, live events has been a successful lead generator and client acquisition tool for years, for Jessica and Interview Connections. She saw so much value in attending and meeting her clients face-to-face, she now speaks and exhibits at live events. Plus, she’s an extrovert, so she finds the experience dizzyingly delicious.

Jess’s Must Attend Conferences and Events in 2017

1. Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me — Chase Auditorium in Chicago, IL

a. Along with Corey Coates, her co-host of the successful The Podcast Producers, she will be going where people who listen to podcasts will be gathering. Armed with a new sponsor, Shure mobile microphones, they plan to interview people attending the event.

Be *Shure* to subscribe to The Podcast Producers. S3 starts June 1st!

2. Dream Business Academy — Orlando, FL February 8, 9 & 10

a. Learn to be successful with the Million Dollar Platform.

b. The event features speakers who can help you become a good speaker, or help you start writing your book.

c. There will be a live Mastermind on Day 3.

d. Jessica takes the stage to educate podcasters and guests!

e. Get $100 off your ticket by using the coupon code ‘Podcast’ at checkout.

3. Podfest US — Orlando, FL February 23, 24 &25

a. For podcasters who have a message, and are passionate about podcasting.

b. Interview Connections has sponsored all three previous Podfest events.

c. Jessica will be speaking and running a panel.

d. PodFusion from Elsie and Jessica of She Podcasts.

Big Investments Bring Big Returns.

4. Social Media Marketing World — San Diego, CA
March 22, 23 & 24

a. Jessica will be speaking at this huge conference.

5. Guys We F@#ked: The Experience — Boston, MA April 13

a. Look for a Podcast Producer Meet-Up.

6. Podcast Movement — Anaheim, CA August 23, 24 &25

a. For podcasters, by podcasters.

b. Sponsoring this conference has tripled Jessica’s investment.

7. Fincon Expo — Dallas, TX October 25, 26, 27 & 28

a. Jessica got ROI from her sponsorship investment.   

b. The conference is marketing for the Financial Industry.

Jessica’s Successful Sponsoring Strategy

Your first exhibit can be daunting. Sponsorships can be $500–$2000, so you need to be sure your investment pays off in clients, through retention or acquisition.

Tips for a Successful Live Event

Show up early in the morning to prepare.

Dress for success.

Don’t do it alone.

Never sit behind your table.

Ask people what they do first.

Have mints.

Offer value-adds if clients sign up during the event.

Close sales!

You can’t replace a face-to-face connection.

Thank you to the sponsor of this show Dream Business Academy.  *Remember to get $100 off your ticket to the Orlando Live Event use the coupon code ‘Podcast’ at checkout.

Speakers at the Dream Business Academy Live Event:

Bob Burg – The Go-Giver

Melanie Benson

Michelle Prince

Gary George

Jim Palmer

Resources Mentioned:

Dream Business Academy

Interview Connections

Ross Jeffries


Podcast Producers

Podfly Productions

Shure Microphones

Podfest US

Glenn the Geek

Dave Sanderson

Marty McDonald

Renee Brent

She Podcasts

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Examiner

John Lee Dumas

Guys We F@#ked

Podcast Movement

*The music in today’s episode was written by The Danger Os and produced by Nick Palmer. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/thedangerosmakemusic


“When you are growing a business, and you have issues with money, that’s a problem.”

“If you want to become a speaker, being a guest on podcasts is an amazing way to grow your audience.”

“Exhibiting in conferences pays dividends.”

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