120: For Moms…How to Stay On Schedule, No Matter What!

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The Rhodes to Success podcast is for entrepreneurs, podcasters, and people who leverage the power of content marketing, or use podcast interviews to grow their business. This weekly podcast is an important tool of many listeners who use the content, tips, and real life experiences to add value to their business, and their client’s businesses.

That is why today’s podcast includes a special guest appearance from Nathan, a robot-loving, food-gnawing three-year-old with pink eye.

Jessica Rhodes Shares Her Content Schedule:

Jessica is more than a mom, a podcast host and an author. She is a content creator who strategically delegates and outsources many functions of her business so she can consistently provide content for:

● The Rhodes to Success Weekly Podcast

Content must be provided one week in advance of publishing so audio editing and show notes can be completed by Podfly Productions.

● Interview Connections TV, Weekly Videos

Jessica saved three hours a month outsourcing the video editing to Traffic and Leads.

● Blog, Ezine and Print Newsletter

Fresh, written content is important because Google doesn’t listen to podcasts.

Writing a good blog post takes time.

Jessica outsources this task to her VA/Ghost Writer Angela.

Important information is shared through the walkie-talkie app, Voxer.

Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic Book

Re-purposing the book’s contents is another task which can be outsourced.


So, when life gets in the way of an important podcast interview but you still want to maintain your content schedule, don’t complain about how hard life is, adopt a problem-solving mindset and consider the pain points of your clients; then help them solve their problems with your content.

Get clear on who your listeners are, and then create episodes that address their pain points.

One of the great things about the Dream Business Academy Live event is learning about problem-solving through marketing, videos, and podcast episodes. The event also features speakers who can help you become a good speaker, or write a book. There are a lot of sessions and tactical how-to’s, that inspire you to think like an entrepreneur.  *To get $100 off your ticket, use the coupon code ‘Podcast’ at checkout. You will learn how to be identified as an expert and to create a celebrity persona, and build a million dollar platform.


Throw in the towel or get creative?

Everyone has challenges. It’s how you deal with the challenges, that makes you the best entrepreneur you can be.

If, like Jessica, you have to cancel a podcast interview or deal with any of life’s other curveballs:

● Be open and authentic about what is going on.

● Be honest about why you canceled.

● Ask for help.

● Know that people will understand.

● People get to know you on a deeper, more personal level.


Think about how you can make the experience valuable for yourself and those around you.

This is what it is like to create a ton of content, this is how it gets done, and much like Nathan munching into the microphone, it doesn’t always sound pretty.


Speakers at the Dream Business Academy Live Event:

Bob Burg – The Go-Giver

Melanie Benson

Michelle Prince

Gary George

Jim Palmer


Resources Mentioned:

Dream Business Academy

Interview Connections

Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic


Podfly Productions

Traffic and Leads


*The music in today’s episode was written by The Danger Os and produced by Nick Palmer. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/thedangerosmakemusic



“If you want to stay on schedule while creating your content, be a problem solver.”

“Get clear on who your listeners are, and then create episodes that address their pain points.”

“We love hearing how successful people became successful, but it’s also nice to hear about their humanness too.”

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