IC031: Featuring Employees on Your Podcast

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Episode 31

Featuring Employees on Your Podcast

Margy is in the holiday spirit and Jess has some hidden dancing talent. Today’s episode features an interview with Interview Connections client, Tim Cameron-Kitchen.

1. Tim, what do you do in your business?
a. Exposure Ninja is a digital marketing agency

2. Why did you decide to start a podcast?
a. Sharing what they do on podcasts is a great way to get leads

3. Tell us more about what you cover on your show
a. Small and medium sized business owners or marketing managers are their target audience
b. They cover things that will be interesting to this audience
c. Episodes are either Tim interviewing one of his team members or featuring a guest interview with someone who has had serious success in digital marketing

4. What’s the value in bringing on your team members?
a. Exposure Ninja is so big that it’s more than just Tim (he has 60 employees!)
b. Tim’s employees are doing things that even he may not know how to do, so it’s great to be able to feature their expertise
c. It’s also great for clients to get to know the team members who make Exposure Ninja run
d. Tim uses the podcast episodes in his email marketing and social media
e. The episodes that feature employees get the most listeners

5. Does including employees help with employee retention?
a. Not sure
b. Some employees find it intimidating

6. How do you help employees practice?
a. Wing it!
b. Positive (and honest) feedback helps build confidence

7. What was your launch strategy for your podcast?
a. They read Digital Marketer Blog for how to start a podcast
b. Set up four episodes and launched with those
c. People still go back to those original episodes and they are the most popular
d. They made sure the topics for the first episodes would be evergreen
e. Email marketing for new episodes to list
f. Contest for ratings and reviews

8. What benefits have you seen from hosting a podcast?
a. The biggest benefit is the relationship building with current leads
b. The majority of sales are now made to people who love the podcast

9. Do you have any tips for people who want to start a podcast to grow their business?
a. Do it!
b. Quality is important- don’t air episodes that aren’t good
c. Guests with too clear of an agenda can sound stiff

10. What should you NOT do as a guest?
a. Guests who are outside the podcast pool are often best
b. Often authors are too polished and don’t sound as authentic
c. Really listen to the question and think about what the audience actually wants
d. Don’t be generic
e. Ask the host who the audience is and what they care about so you can tailor your message

11. What is your tech set up?
a. Blue Yeti mic
b. ZenCaster

Resources Mentioned:

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