How to Close High-Ticket Clients on Podcasts with Chris Kenney



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How to Close High-Ticket Clients on Podcasts with Chris Kenney

Jess and Margy are the co owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness.

For the rest of December, we’re going to be showing you exactly how our clients achieved real results and incredible ROIs using actionable strategies. On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, we’re rebroadcasting a live testimonial interview with one of our clients, Chris Kenney! 

Chris is a sought-after business leverage expert who teaches coaches and consultants the Chris Kenney Sales Mastery Formula. This tried and true method goes far beyond traditional sales training! Chris knows the key to building a successful business is to focus on one thing – SALES. He specializes in teaching his clients how to sell in an authentic, non-pushy, genuine way with no gimmicks or schmoozy techniques.

He believes we all have within us exactly what we need to courageously pursue our deepest desires, tap our own potential, and show up with power and resilience.

As a global speaker, he challenges others to re-imagine selling and is a passionate champion of authentic leadership as a path to empowerment and success. Chris brings wit, humor, and a fresh approach to what in many times is a dry and worn out subject.

He illustrates how sales is never about the money (which comes to a surprise to many). More than a cookie-cutter strategy, he focuses on the root of urgency and teaches you how to do the same for revolutionary results.

Being bold takes courage. Chris is the master at showing people that business doesn’t have to be hard. And more-over shares his secrets that provide consistent income and impact for himself and his students.

When Chris signed up with us at Interview Connections, he didn’t even have a computer. He built his business to almost 7 figures, just using a cell phone. Chris has since pivoted from an offline strategy, to an online strategy. Podcast guesting has increased Chris’s reach and exposure dramatically – allowing him to take on clients all around the world.

Now, hosts come to Chris and request him to be on their show because of the brand awareness he has created by using the podcast guesting strategy. He says that his job of selling becomes much easier after podcast guesting has done the heavy lifting in creating incredible brand awareness.

Chris was also able to land a $13,000 sale from one podcast, by enrolling the host in his program! On her podcast, his call to action was to join his Facebook group. The host joined the group, attended a live launch and enrolled in his program. While onboarding her, she told Chris “I was sold by the end of your podcast interview with me.”

Chris contends that anyone can get on podcasts, but the challenge comes when you want to get on the right podcasts. Interview Connections helps entrepreneurs get on podcasts that not only reach their target audience, but are often hosted by ideal clients. 

“The bridge between the physical and the spiritual is faith,” says Chris. The physical is what you have now, the spiritual is what you want, and the bridge that takes you there is faith. In order for someone to get where they want to be, they are going to have to take leaps of faith. And if they’re not willing to take leaps of faith, they’re likely to stay where they’re at.

Chris knows that people make their own money rules. Your current set of money rules is what is creating your current result, and if you want different results, you have to break your money rules. When people say, “Woah that’s a big investment and that makes me uncomfortable,” Chris says that’s what is so great about it! This is an opportunity for you to step in, an opportunity for you to invest in yourself and break a rule around money that is holding you back. 

If you’re trying to get to a million dollars in sales, you have to behave like a million dollar business owner. A middle class mindset is scarce, and a 7-figure mindset focuses on investing to earn more. Chris argues that you have to make money decisions based on where you want to be, not based on where you are. 

Chris believes that the universe is always trying to bring you what you need, and sometimes people resist it. Most people are not willing to take the leap of faith, and they stay stuck.

The opportunity shows up at the door, but you have to be willing to open the door. The reason you manifested this opportunity is because this is something that you actually need.

You can’t have a problem without a solution; if a problem is present then the solution is present. The reason people get stuck in a problem is because they resist the solution.

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