Podcast Guesting for 7 Figure Women Entrepreneurs



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Podcast Guesting for 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

Jess and Margy are the co owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness.

On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, we’re rebroadcasting a panel on podcast guesting, hosted by Nikki Nash! Nikki is a marketing expert, Hay House author, and the creator of the Market Your Genius brand. Nikki brought on Michelle Bosch, Co-Founder of Orbit Investments and the Land Profit Generator Program, Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, founder and CEO of one of the leading IT Consulting companies in the country, Naketa Thigpen, balance and relationship Advisor and CEO of ThigPro, and our very own Margy Feldhuhn!

The first question that Nikki brought to the panel was: What had you say, “I’m interested in using podcast guesting for my brand and my business?”

One of the reasons that Michelle loves leveraging the podcast guesting strategy is because of the time that podcast interviews allow her to explain exactly what she does, and who can benefit from her services. She notes that having a mindset of service is key for podcast guesting, and that she always comes to interviews thinking about how she can help the audience. Michelle adds that while podcast guesting used to be a “nice to have” marketing strategy, it’s become an absolute necessity in 2020.

Myoshia discussed how podcast guesting allowed her a visibility that she would have never achieved otherwise. Not only did podcast guesting increase Myoshia’s reach in an incredible way, she also pointed out that her podcast interviews bring her a continuous ROI because they are evergreen. She could guest on a podcast that might reach an ideal client a year later! 

Margy brought up the idea of how podcasts offer a smaller, but much more engaged, audience. An Interview Connections client had been making regular TV and radio appearances, but wasn’t seeing a lot of leads come through. Once he began podcast guesting, he saw a 400% ROI. Margy also shared about how important it is to leverage high-end networking opportunities and build relationships with podcast hosts.

Naketa, who hosts her own podcast, talked about how she wanted to create a safe space for high-level individuals to talk about their journey. Naketa wanted to leverage these interviews as a gift to her community, and her specifically curated audience.

Nikki then asked about everyone’s nurturing period. How long does it take for someone to say “I heard you on a podcast, and now I’m ready to buy.”

Michelle uses a two-pronged approach in her call to action. She invites listeners to join her free Facebook group, but Michelle also offers a consultation call for any listener who might be ready to take the next step. She also has a special landing page link that she’ll only use on podcasts, so they can track exactly which leads are coming from podcast interviews. (Because of this link, Michelle knows that she has made over $150,00 in sales just from podcast interviews!) Michelle said that it’s important to be available, whenever your lead is ready to buy – which could be right away or in a few months from when they first hear you.

Margy considers podcast guesting a mid-term to long-term strategy. While some clients see a really fast ROI from one or two interviews, it’s more likely that you’ll see success from consistently getting out there on podcasts. Margy’s CTA is also to join a free Facebook community, featuring loads of content and trainings. Generally once someone is in the Facebook group, if they’re going to convert, they will during a live launch which Margy hosts once a month!

Myoshia has a free Facebook group that she will promote in her CTA as well! Myoshia typically sees leads convert after 6-8 weeks, but sometimes it will take longer. The time in between someone joining the group and converting is certainly not time wasted. Myoshia pointed out that the free Facebook community shows your integrity. It shows that you care about more than the sale, you really want to help your leads and see them succeed.

Nikki then asked, “What’s one thing people need to know before they jump into using podcasting for business growth?”

Myoshia believes that one of the most important things is to have 100% clarity around your message. Her biggest piece of advice is to show up as your true self. If you can focus on that, your results will be phenomenal. If you can shine as your authentic self, someone listening will be inspired to take action.

Naketa recommended that you look at your “why.” Why do you want to start podcast guesting? If it’s just because other people are doing it, you might not be in the right place to start. Naketa says to look at why you want to connect, and what gifts you can bring to the community that are within your bandwidth.

Michelle’s number one thing people need to know before podcast guesting is to have a service mindset. Michelle gets out on podcasts to spread her message and be of service. She wants to stay in her zone of genius, and not waste time on researching and pitching the right shows. Michelle, who works with us here at Interview Connections, highly recommends working with an established agency!

Margy’s best piece of advice is to be all-in. She sees many people dabble in podcast guesting, with one foot in and one foot out, and they don’t really see results. Margy believes that if you can’t commit a full year to the podcast guesting strategy, you shouldn’t even start. For this strategy to really work for people, they need to make it a regular part of their marketing budget.

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