How to be a Celebrity

rockthecast | Nov 8, 2015

celebrityWhen you think of ‘celebrity’, what or who comes to mind? I think of Hollywood actors; Brad Pitt and the like. I think of people who are well known and have the perception of people who are successful, loved and those who are listened to. When they talk, people listen. When Ashton Kutcher tweeted about Target needing changing tables in male restrooms, Target obliged! If my husband tweeted about that, it’d be read by maybe 2 people and forgotten (sorry, honey).

The more you get interviewed, the more people see you as a celebrity. The more people see you as a celebrity, the more people listen to you. The more people listen to you, the more influence you have! The more influential you are, the more business, money and success you attract.

Celebrities are also people who are open books – they talk not only about business (their companies, movies, TV shows, ventures) but they also talk about their social views, their personal lives, and more. If you want to create this perception of celebrity, do not limit yourself to only podcasts about your area of expertise in business. If you are a father, go on shows to talk about parenting and family. If you are black, go on shows to talk about minorities in business. If you happen to be vegan, go on shows to talk about your diet. Heck, I’ve been interviewed on a show about breastfeeding! Am I an expert in it or is breastfeeding a part of my business? Not in the slightest! But it’s a part of who I am so I’ll open up about it and allow more people to get to know me.

You might think, but parenting, the fact that I’m black, or the food I eat, has nothing to do with what I sell! Well, consider this: when your followers, clients, and potential clients learn about YOU personally they’ll feel like they know you. They’ll learn things about you that attract them to you and they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

My Dad and business coach Jim Palmer, is a Christian. He will get interviewed on podcasts about his faith (here’s an example) and he has clients who come to work with him because they not only know he’s a great coach but they say “I feel more of a personal connection to you because I know you’re a man of Faith.” If he never opened up about this personal side to him, there would be people who didn’t realize they had a connection to him!

Open up about yourself personally, put yourself out there are all different kinds of shows, and you’ll see the power of celebrity make your business grow!

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