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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Brandy Butler, an online business coach and strategist who is passionate about the power of spreading positive messages. She helps her clients magnify their message and gain momentum in their business. During the show, we discuss having an online business and working with local clients, consistency, the power of podcasting, targeted adverts, live events, how to get local news coverage, and what it takes to write a book.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk about having a business where your clients are local.
  • How are people following you?
  • What difference did your live events have on your coaching business?
  • How do you pitch your events to the news?
  • Tell us about your book, Girl Just Quit. How long did it take you to write it?
  • How did you leverage your podcast to write your book?
  • What are the first steps for someone who wants to start a business?

Key Lessons Learned:

Brandy’s Butlers Business

  • Brandy helps her clients gain credibility, visibility, and profitability.
  • She focuses on women entrepreneurs who want to create influential brands.
  • 10% of Brandy’s clients are local, and 90% are online.
  • When having her own local events, Brandy is diligent about using targeted Facebook adverts.


  • Even if you take a break from podcasting, the good news is that episodes are evergreen content and still searchable on iTunes.

Meeting People at Live Events

  • You can’t beat in-person meetings. The human factor of hearing and meeting you is about resonating and connecting.
  • The best way to close sales with coaching clients is to get them in a room with you.
  • Live events increase the brand equity, as the people online also get a chance to see the ‘real’ you.
  • You don’t have to host your own live event, the in-person meetings can also be via other people’s conferences.
  • If you meet current clients in person, it makes them want to work with you longer.

Brandy’s Live Events

  • Brandy is based out of St Louis and has the intimate masterminds of 20 people.
  • Collaborations are about bringing together like-minded people. You might not be able to answer the question, but someone else might.
  • Last year, Brandy had more than 100 people at her third annual vision board event.
  • Make the event fit in with local news cycle in order to get additional media coverage.

Pitching Events to Media

  • Pitch your story on the news and media websites, and make sure to have a great magazine-style headline.
  • Use newsworthy and relevancy factors to hook your event and story.
  • Brandy got her vision board event on the news, as she was able to pitch it in the framework of new year’s resolutions.
  • Having a book will help you gain creditability and makes it easier to pitch media outlets for coverage.
  • Brandy used the local media coverage to sell out her vision board event.

Writing Girl Just Quit

  • The book is for women entrepreneurs and those searching for their purpose.
  • Appreciate your job as an investor, and make smart and strategic moves while you are working so you can be in a better position to quit your job.
  • Brandy leveraged her podcast to write her book. Some of it is transcribed from the podcast, webinars, and other parts from blog articles. 
  • Writing a book doesn’t have to be a from-scratch New York Times bestseller; it’s perfectly fine to repurpose your content from existing content.

First Steps

  • Think about what you really want to do, and don’t focus on the money.
  • Focus on what you are good at and comes naturally.
  • What you should be doing might feel too grand at first, but follow the trail.
  • If you focus on what’s trendy and making money, you will become bored and unfulfilled.
  • If you can speed up the process of believing in yourself, you will save a lot of time.

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