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always-bemarketing“I tried that, but it didn’t work”

What I have learned from building a business that has experienced fast growth in the first few years; replacing my income in 6 months, and then going onto hit 6 figures in the first year, is that you must ABM: Always Be Marketing! You must always be marketing on all different platforms and you must always be marketing on those platforms without giving up.

There is no quick fix or silver bullet to success. You need to blog, podcast, build and engage with an email list, do video marketing, get interviewed on podcasts, go to live events, etc. and as long as you want to be building your business, DON’T STOP DOING ANY OF THESE THINGS!

I recently listened to an interview on a podcast I recorded about 8 months ago. I said to my friend Corey, “OMG Why do I sound so high pitched? I sound terrible!” He said, “Everyone wants to delete their first few episodes.” You know why? Because we aren’t good when we started!

In your first video, you will not be that good! In your first interviews as a guest, you won’t be that great! You might not be a train wreck, but you will not be as good as you WILL be when you stick with it for as long as you want to grow your business.

My first interview as a guest, I was sweating and a nervous wreck. My first video, I was stiff and boring. As mentioned above, when I first started podcasting, I was high pitched and awkward. If I gauged the success of these marketing platforms based on the first couple of months trying them, I’d have quit and my business would be half the size it is today, maybe smaller. Instead, I stuck with each and every marketing platform, and kept adding more; emailing my list, co hosting a second podcast, blogging consistently, speaking at live events. Today, I’m (dare I say) a good podcaster! I’m a great guest and charismatic and entertaining on video. My business continues to grow at a rapid pace because I have continued to market consistently and persistently in as many ways as possible.

So the next time you ask “How long will it take?” hear my voice in your head saying “Be patient and don’t give up because successful entrepreneurs will always be marketing.”

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