A Golden Guest Tip: Be Humble

rockthecast | Feb 4, 2014

I’m in the business of podcast guest interviews. Yes, that’s right. My business, Interview Connections, specializes in finding and booking great guest interviews and naturally, I’ve been behind the mic a number of times myself.

I have tons of tips on how to be a great guest but the one I want to shed a little light on today is not only a tip that will help make you a great guest, it’s a tip that will help you be a better and more likable entrepreneur.

Be humble.

This is not a tip entrepreneurs are used to hearing and it’s not a trait most entrepreneurs have. And that’s fine- we are the CEO of businesses and that’s flippin’ awesome!! But I want to offer a reality check and tell you to get over yourself because the most genuine, successful, content rich, guest interviews are ones where the entrepreneur focuses more on giving and less on ‘how great they are.’

If you have hit your multiple 6 figure goal, or maybe your million dollar goal, or whatever goal you had for your business and you’re feeling on top of the world- I am thrilled for you!!

But when you do interviews on podcasts, stay humble.  You will attract so many more fans and clients than if you act like you’re all that and a bag of…(I’ll spare you the joke.)

The perfect example is Jennifer Lawrence. This woman is the most popular person in Hollywood and it’s because she not only has amazing talent, she acts and talks like the average person!

Another perfect example in the entrepreneurial world is Bob Burg.  Bob is so willing to give, give, give to his audience!  This man overwhelms me with how gracious and kind he is!  In return, Bob gets booked tons of times on podcast interviews, giving him great exposure!

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