Margy’s New Podcast: We Get It, Your Dad Died

Jess and Margy are the co-owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast to teach you how to transform your business and life with the power of visibility and strategy! On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess puts Margy in the guest spotlight to talk about Margy’s new podcast We Get It, Your Dad Died.



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Jess first asks Margy, why did you decide to start this podcast?

In 2015, while Margy was living in Taiwan, she learned that her dad had died by suicide. As an only child, Margy was incredibly close with her parents and this was a life-shattering moment. Now, six years later, it still remains a horrible loss. However, Margy realizes that a lot of the things she has in her life she would not have if she hadn’t been through such a challenging struggle.

Margy started doing some research into high-achieving grievers and the relationship between loss and success. She wanted to start a show where she interviews high-achieving entrepreneurs who have suffered a serious loss. Margy wants to talk to them about what that experience was like, how it shaped them, and also what became possible in their life because of that loss.

Margy wants to prove that there are ways to turn the setbacks into positives in our lives.

A seed of her idea for this podcast came from Iconic, an Ali Brown event, in Miami on the beach, just days before lockdown in 2020. Margy started talking to a friend and fellow entrepreneur, Brandi Bernoskie, about the death of Brandi’s mom. She was really moved by Brandi’s story and felt like these conversations could be incredibly powerful on a podcast.

Margy decided that her podcast would focus on interviewing 7-figure + entrepreneurs who have a story of loss that they are willing to share.

Jess also wants to know, what was the process like of producing this podcast?

Margy came up with the concept and she started posting in mastermind groups and the Interview Connections client network group to find people who would be interested in sharing their stories. She knew that she had entrepreneurial friends who were at this level who had incredible stories to share. The interviews gave the show the momentum that it needed. Margy just started recording the conversations and took it from there. 

The next question Jess has for Margy is, who is your audience?

Margy didn’t make this trying to please anyone in particular. Her goal was to share important and powerful conversations and to make a show that she herself loves. She feels like this podcast has a wide demographic. Margy’s hope is that this podcast will resonate with anyone who has experienced grief or loss.

Secondly, Margy is interested in reaching entrepreneurs who are interested in how high-achievers approach setbacks. After giving interview after interview, Margy realized that her podcast gave a kind of blueprint for how to thrive through the most negative events.

Finally, Jess asks, how do you monetize a show that is seemingly not related to your business?

Margy explains that when you’re a guest on podcasts, you’re sharing your story. That is what is going to resonate with people. It’s not really an infomercial for your service or your product. You’re trying to get the listeners to resonate with you personally.

All of the content that we create, when we genuinely want to be of service and do great work magnetizes clients to us no matter what industry we’re in!

Search “We Get It Your Dad Died” wherever you listen to podcasts on April 29th to listen to the first season!

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