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The Myth of the Visionary Entrepreneur

Jess and Margy are the co-owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness. On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess and Margy dispel the myth of the visionary entrepreneur.



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There is a really prevalent idea that all founders of companies and all entrepreneurs are huge visionaries. Not only is this a stereotype, but it’s also a glamorization of being a visionary entrepreneur.

Not every entrepreneur is a true visionary, nor do they need to be in order to become a successful entrepreneur!

When Jess started Interview Connections, it wasn’t really her idea. She had started working as a VA for her dad, Jim Palmer, a business coach. As his VA, her dad had started asking Jess to book him on podcasts. Soon after, Jess decided that she wanted to be a business owner. Her dad coached her and helped Jess see that she could create a podcast booking company.

Even though it wasn’t her idea, it was Jess’s implementation that made Interview Connections possible.

To be successful as an entrepreneur, there is no one thing that you need to have. You can bring on team members or partners that help balance what you’re missing. A lot of founders really embody incredible implementation. Even though Jess didn’t have a grand vision, she took massive action and that is what made everything happen!

So many people out there are not taking action because they’re overthinking and they’re not getting on the court. These entrepreneurs are paralyzing themselves in their minds.

It’s important to understand that when you are starting your business, it’s 10% visioning, and 90% implementing.

It’s crucial to build momentum in the beginning. Once you are a little more established, then you can move on to evolving and developing strategy. That’s where Jess sees a lot of people get stopped. They’re so focused on being the visionary that they don’t implement.

Jess and Margy came to decide where their strengths really wore only a few months ago. Margy has brilliant ideas and visions, and Jess rolls up her sleeves and implements. Jess is a “doer” or an implementer, and Margy is a visionary. Both of these are equally important in a successful business.

Everyone can have a great idea, but the real success lies in implementing it. Jess and Margy see this a lot in entrepreneurs that have a gorgeous website but no clients. You can have amazingly curated social media, you can have a great high-tech website, and you can have a great idea but if you’re not picking up that phone and dialing for dollars, that stuff is useless!

Jess and Margy don’t recommend that you invest a bunch of money in your website and other shiny objects like that, because that is not the driver in the beginning stages of your business. You need to get clients! And you do have to make mistakes. You won’t know what makes a good sales call until you pick up the phone!

Jess and Margy hope that they can inspire you to be brave. If you truly want to build something you have to have the faith and the courage to start sprinting and going for it. 

It wasn’t until recently that Jess and Margy had a conversation about their titles and what they should mean. After discussing what each of them really does in the business and where their strengths lie, Jess took the title of President because she is really the implementer. Margy took the title of CEO because she has the bigger vision.

It’s so imperative to know what your strength is, know where you belong, and know what your lane is. Once you know this, you can really thrive and grow in your strengths as opposed to getting better at something that you’re not really great at.

Margy observes that it really does take true leadership to put your ego aside and stay true to what your strengths are! At Interview Connections, it’s so important to stay in the lane that lights you up. While Jess is focused on the process in the business, Margy is focused on ahead of the process and that is where they both thrive!

Jess and Margy both recommend that if you’re an entrepreneur, you should ask yourself: Am I an implementer or am I a visionary?

Where do I really thrive? Where do I need help? Who can help balance out what I lack? Plant the seed by asking these questions to find out if you are a visionary or implementer!

If you don’t have 100% clarity on what you should be doing, don’t worry yet. You’ll figure it out on the journey! As we mentioned before, Jess and Margy only got full clarity on their visionary and implementer roles this year.

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