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Jess and Margy are the co owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness.

On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess and Margy talk about the importance of visibility in your business. While many new business owners and entrepreneurs see the value of investing in back-end operations and systems, Jess and Margy urge you to consider how your business would change completely if your visibility was a main focus. 

What holds people back from gaining visibility? Oftentimes, it’s fear of success. Getting to the next level of revenue requires you to leave your comfort zone, and start entering circles where you’re the new kid in town. Another reason people are held back from becoming visible is lack of confidence. Jess and Margy discuss why it’s important to figure out what is holding you back and to take imperfect action as your first step.

What can you expect when you have a breakthrough in visibility? Firstly, you’ll see a steady and consistent stream of leads that are finding you. You’ll see increased confidence in your abilities and expertise. You’ll see new opportunities in the form of interview requests, speaking engagements, new business ideas and new revenue streams. 

Podcast guesting is the best way to increase your visibility and speak to a highly-curated audience of your ideal clients. If you need help with your visibility, head over to to schedule a free consultation with our New Media Strategist, and take the first step to increasing your visibility today!

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