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Tips for Getting Podcast Sponsors with Jess and Monica Rodgers

Jess is the President and Founder of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. Every Thursday, Jess hosts Ask Jess! where our clients can pick Jess’s brain about all things business and podcasting. Last week’s Ask Jess featured IC Client Monica Rodgers!


Bringing an infectious warmth and playful levity wherever she goes, Monica Rodgers is a tireless advocate for the full actualization of women, inspiring women everywhere that saying “YES to the MESS” is the missing link to self-love and personal awakening. 

Through her podcast and group coaching programs, Monica guides women through their inner (r)evolution, from trance to transcendence, revealing the toxic myths of social conditioning and self-doubt in order to illuminate the magic and magnificence of our imperfect selves.  

She believes that women can take action towards realizing their true potential only when we stop proving and striving to be who everyone wants us to be. When we reveal the truth of who we are, we return to our “original design” and with the practice of self-love and compassion, we become aligned, opening the portal into our divine purpose where true prosperity dwells. There has never been a more important time for women to reveal the truth of who we are as a catalyst for positive change in the world as the Divine Feminine returns. 

Monica asks, “How can I create more passive income so I can commit the time that I need to commit to writing my book, while still maintaining my income and running my business?”

Jess is wary of recommending creating a “passive” course or workbook to promote because the energy that is required of marketing and promoting that material will not give Monica the time that she actually needs to work on her book.

Jess asks Monica if there is a way to restructure her service delivery so she can still maintain income, but have her service take less of her time and energy so she has mental bandwidth and time to work on the book.

A possible solution could be to work with team members or create a joint venture where Monica is collaborating with others.

Jess then recommends creating a clear avatar of who Monica’s podcast listeners are.

Then Monica can ask herself, “Who are the service providers, what are the products that will speak to my audience? Which of those businesses do I already have a relationship with? Who/what are you already promoting?”

Monica can create a press kit of her audience and start to reach out to those service providers to discuss advertising or affiliate relationships!

Jess also discusses the idea of a virtual book club that members could pay to join. This is a natural extension of what Monica is already doing, and a way to increase her income in a way that does not require a lot of time or energy!