Monetize Your Podcast w/ Webinars featuring Steven Essa

On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Steven Essa who is known internationally as the “make money with webinars expert.” Steven gives business owners the flexibility to create additional streams of reveneu using the power of webinars. If you’ve ever wanted to monetize your podcast through webinars this is the best start you can give yourself!


Main Questions Asked

–       What is a webinar?

–       How professional does your Powerpoint presentation need to be and do you suggest outsourcing?

–       Can you break down the webinar format?

–       How can podcasters monetize their show with webinars?


Key Lessons Learned


Webinars Explained

–       A webinar is a web seminar where you present a Powerpoint with voice, or video image

–       Webinars are much like lectures but with the opportunity to sell at end

–       The difference between a webinar and a teleseminar is that teleseminars only use the phone

–       Webinars are usually presented on one particular topic

–       Popular webinar platforms are Go To Webinar and Google Hangouts

–       Webinars are automatable. You can place on YouTube and continue to make you sales after the live webinar


Webinar Effectiveness

–       Webinars produce higher conversions than any other form of online marketing

–       There is no better way to convert a prospect into a customer or an existing customer that’s bought a low end product into a higher paying customer

–       The idea of a webinar is to deliver as much valuable information as you can and at the end offer a natural solution to the next step



–       Black and white slides are just as effective as color branded slides and sometimes work better as they are less distracting and seem less ‘salesy’

–       The less you put on the actual slides the better

–       Simply listing a number on the slide is often enough visually

–       People will want to write down everything on your slides so the less visual information, the more they will listen


Webinar Formula



–       Choose a target market

–       Come up with a killer marketing hook

–       Put that hook on slide #1

–       Immediately outline the benefit for the listener (rather that talk about yourself)

–       On slide #2 outline who the webinar is for (list all the types of your prospects and their needs) the goal is for everyone in the audience to identify and say ‘that’s me’

–       In a 60 minute webinar your introduction should be 10 minutes

–       15 min introductions are best for 90 minute webinars

–       On slide #3 show proof, case studies and statistics.

–       People want to know why they should listen to you and that you are a credible source

–       The introduction should include “what led me to this webinar and why I’m talking to you today” this really isn’t about you but you need to relate back to your audience



–       Always show 3, 5 (60 mins) or 7 steps (90 mins)

–       Webinar content should be 40 mins for a 60 minute

–       For a a 90 minute webinar content should be 60 minutes

–       You need to have multiple ‘ah ha’ moments in your webinar

–       Webinars need to have practical actionable steps people can take away


Webinars for Podcasters

–       Follow intro and content steps from webinar formula above

–       Don’t sell on your podcast  (do it on your webinar)

–       Create a name for your product such as Podcast Mastery Program e.g 8 webinars delivered one per week over an 8 week period

–       People aren’t interested in the actual pitch is, they are interested in working with you (tell them what they will get out of it)

–       Focus on 30% features 70% benefits

–       Reveal the value of the package (if you are not sure multiply your hourly rate by 8 webinars)

–       Offer some one-on-one support or group sessions

–       Find out why customers bought and where your program is strong and weak

–       Make sure to get testimonials from your one-on-one clients

–       Offer email support (another opportunity for feedback and to sell other products)

–       People buy because of bonuses (interviews, e-book, mastermind session, and workshops etc)

–       When giving a special or reduced price you have to give a reasoning

–       The word ‘because’ automatically makes people think there is a ‘reason’

–       Offering an unconditional guarantee shows confidence in your product

–       Keep repeating the link to buy at the end


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