Scrum and Agile

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In this episode, Jess & Margy share more about their journey of transforming Interview Connections into a fully agile company using the Scrum methodology!


  1. Working As A Team Makes It Easier for Individuals to Take Time Off with Less Stress


  1. Interdepartmental Games of Telephone Waste Valuable Resources


  1. Removing Individual Performance Metrics Lowers Stress and Allows Team Members to Focus on What’s Actually Important


  1. Adjusting How Teams Approach Work Frees You From the Expensive and Ineffective Trap of Solving Problems With Addition


  1. Working in Sprints Creates Rapid Improvement and Makes Big Changes Less Risky


  1. Eliminating Top Down Decision Making is Good for Everyone


  1. More Role Fluidity Helps Teams Thrive and Individuals Stay Engaged


  1. Happiness Matters


Want to learn more about leading an agile company? Read Margy’s blog where she writes frequently about the journey!

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